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Belgium, printed and released from Final Four


The Swiss party was cut until 5-2 after Belgium. aP

The Swiss party was cut until 5-2 after Belgium. aP

The evening of the League of Nations is a blast. After the 15 struggles between England and Croatia, there were seventeen signs in the six matches planned. And important decisions come. In Group A of Group A, Switzerland won 5-2 on the back and took first place against Belgium. However, in the third group of the B Series, it is repositioning Northern Ireland and renewing its homes 1-2 in Austria. They were all promoted before, all in Group 2 of the C Series. Serie won the Belarusian groups and category halls.

Goals and shows in Lucerne. Switzerland is looking for a desperate effort to overtake in the last minute of Switzerland: a two-win win or a 1-0 win in Switzerland with a 2-1 win in the first goal. Everything happens in the first half: after just 2 minutes, guests become leaders with Thorgan Hazard, using a defensive error. The doubles are always 17 & # 39; s thanks to a strong eyelash along with the brother of Paradise. The Swiss response led to Rodriguez's penalty in the 26th minute and Seferovic's equalizer, which benefited from the bank of Shaqiri. The Swiss advantage always takes place at the same time by Seferovic. In the second half, the home team scored the fourth goal with Elvedi in the 62th minute. The fifth goal came in a final thanks to Seferovic, who earned a respected hat-trick. The Swiss group wins and qualifies for the June Final Four.

Group 2 rankings: Switzerland 9, Belgium 9, Iceland 0

In the 3rd Group of Austria, Austria condemned Northern Ireland as a relapse crime. Despite being pushed by friendly people, Ireland has gone to the 49th under the Schlager area due to excellent results. In 57, it is equal to the diverted shot of Evans. In full recovery, the Lazaro match, which places the ball at the intersection of the poles, is aimed.

Group 3 sorted by: Bosnia 10, Austria 7, Northern Ireland 0

Serie C & # 39; s 2nd in the group, Hungary was the second by beating 2-0. In the Szalai network and in the Bolognese Nagy. The Finns consolidate themselves with leadership in the group and the promotion in Serie. In order to facilitate the mission of the Magyar, the defense of the honorable place considers Greece. In Estonia against the house.

Group 2 ranking: Finland 12, Hungary 10, Greece 9, Estonia 4

Belarus closed the 2nd Group of Serie, resulting in a 2-0 victory in San Marino. The next League of Nations will attempt to climb the formation of Krishenko to the cadet category. The second-tier fight smiles at Luxembourg, which is 10 points, less than the leader, and closes with a long advantage against Moldova and is blocked at 1-1 in direct confrontation.

Ranking Group 2: Belarus 14, Luxembourg 10, Moldova 9, San Marino 0

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