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Beer and cholesterol: that's all the truth

beer If small amounts of drinking help maintain good cholesterol, this is what happens in a study by Pennsylvania State University.

The beneficial properties of beer would touch different areas of the organism, but in particular would help to slow down the reduction of good cholesterol perfectly. health benefitsit also prevents possible serious cardiovascular problems.


The survey was analyzed with reference to alcohol consumption, including 80,000 Chinese adults good cholesterol levels For 6 years, divide them from non-smokers to normal smokers, ie alcohol once a day for women and groups of two for men.

Cholesterol levels decreased over time, and it turned out that those who consumed moderate alcohol decreased more slowly.

As we went deep into the study, it was discovered that good cholesterol levels decreased more slowly by moderately and partly consuming even liquors. Drinking too much and overloading, on the other hand, does not benefit health and good cholesterol levels.

Xanthumol helps cholesterol

Xanthumol is a flavonoida vegetable component found in hops and therefore in beer, which lowers cholesterol and blood sugar and helps to control weight.

A study by Oregon State University found that xanthosol developed some of the major markers of metabolic syndrome in animals, the results published in the Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics.

The study involved feeding some laboratory mice on a high-fat diet, which was then treated with varying levels of xanthine. Higher doses compared to untreated mice Decreased LDL or bad cholesterol by 80%the insulin level is 42% and the level of IL-6, a marker of inflammation, is 78%.

In addition, due to a very rich diet, mice increased their weight and became obese, but all those who took xanthumol consumed the same amount of food, but increased less than 22% of the untreated group.

For the first time, the study identified one of the mechanisms of action that could reduce the effects of xanthumol. Plasma levels of PCSK9, protein that plays an important role in cholesterol levels.

How much beer do you consume?

All studies were performed in laboratory mice to obtain the benefits they underwent in mice. Very high dose, 70 kg adult human, equal to 60 milligrams per kilogram per day, should drink to benefit 3,500 pints a day.

It is clear that we are talking about impossible amounts, but research has shown that beer can positively affect cholesterol levels, and that people should always drink moderately while waiting for it to become perfect in humans.

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