Sunday , November 29 2020

Audi A1 Sportback – First Contact and Comments – 30 at the wheel of the TFSI S tronic

Until now, the adjective, small atı is tight, because no doubtAudi A1 in the version Sportback has actually expanded. To do this, simply open the door and go behind the wheel. A single digital panel and multimedia system Mmi Plus The dashboard, which is directed towards the 8.8 inch touch screen (standard) or 10.2 inch (optional) drive, comes directly from the older sisters. German is a virtual cockpit that allows you to see a large amount of information in the instrumentation, including the navigation map, among the features coming through it. With its own data card, the Audi connect system guarantees a permanent connection to the network with full compatibility with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay interfaces. You can manage everything with the buttons on the steering wheel or very advanced voice commands. In short, millennials don't want anything better. However, there will be a few more years to appreciate the attention and attention to the cockpit that re-presents the high standards of the German house.

Improves liveliness and boat. Built on the Mqb platform in the A0 configuration previously used in Seat Ibiza and VW Polo, the A1 is 6 cm longer (4.03 meters total) and is wider than three according to the previous model. But that's not just about it: thanks to decreasing projections, the odds have changed. Elegant, bad enough with those referring to the legendary Sport quattro of the 80's (see the small air inlets at the base of the hood), above the A1 road. The approx. 10 cm step later improved the livability (4 cm more for the legs of the people behind them) and the capacity of the baggage passing by 270, according to official data. 335 liters. It also improves aerodynamics: thanks to the nearly long extinction of the new long line and under floor base, the Cx aerodynamic drag coefficient falls from 0.32 to 0.31. When it comes to engines, the first offer is limited to a 116 hp with a three-speed manual transmission or a 7-speed S-Tronic automatic with an existing three-cylinder three-cylinder. Then, there are also 95 hp (25 TFSI) and 1,500 hp (35 TFSI) versions with 4 cylinders. The upper part of the range is two-liter 200 hp (40 TFSI). Currently no diesel version is available. And now three doors for this new model come out of the scene.


One thousand three cylinders are efficient and quiet. Millino turbo does not require any input, it makes a good impression inside the hood of the A1. Horses are sufficient to separate 0-100 in less than 10 seconds, but the thing that most likes these three cylinders is the sweetness and progression expressed in each regime. And then, efficient, silent – just while on the move to the highest area of ​​the tachometer – and free from vibrations. The combination of the S tronic dual-clutch transmission makes it possible to make the best possible use. The proportions are positioned correctly and the seventh, quite long, allows the engine to take full advantage of fuel consumption and driving comfort with fuel running at low speed. In this category is undoubtedly high for a car; The body carries a good sense of rigidity and the cockpit is insulated well enough to give the feeling of being in a car in a superior category. If there's anything, the tires are a little too much. However, the picture is generally positive.


Automatic emergency braking as standard. Fast and precise steering is reflected in a pleasant and pleasant ride. Merit is also a balanced structure that can be equipped with electronically controlled adjustable dampers on request, as in our test vehicle. A rare technical feature in this segment. With regard to safety, it is important to note the presence of the series in all automatic emergency braking series. However, optionally, the adaptive cruise control with stop-go function for automatic transmission versions. The new A1 will be available in four different versions (Basic, Advanced, Recognized and S Line Edition) which will be available in the following intervals: A1 30 TFSI (116 bhp) 22.500 Euro and 24.350 Euro with automatic S tronic

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