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Argentina 3-0 at the expense of Chile! Kazakhstan's decisive victories in Japan over the Netherlands and France have doubled. Nadal and the US-Canada – OA Sport

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5.40 pm When everything stops, the three new challenges will begin shortly after 18.00!

17.35 UNITED STATES-CANADA: Here are the matches of the struggle that interests us the most: Pospisil vs. Opelka, Shapovalov vs. Fritz, Querrey / Pospisil / Shapovalov.

17.33 AUSTRALIA-COLOMBIA: Here the couples are temporarily open: Formations: Gonzalez vs. Kyrgyz, Galan vs. De Minaur, Cabal / Farah vs. Peers / Thomson.

17.29 SPAIN-RUSSIA: You can find matches for two singles here: Rublev vs. Bautista-Agut and Khachanov vs. Nadal. The pair is currently scheduled against Granollers / Lopez, Khachanov / Rublev.

17.22 FRANCE-JAPAN: Herbert's first winner settled the dispute in favor of the French! 6-7 6-4 7-5 Double score in almost two hours and three quarters of the game!

17.18 FRANCE-JAPAN: Another break in favor of the French who continue to play in 6-5!

17.13 FRANCE-JAPAN: Control of McLachlan and Uchiyama against Herbert and Mahut: 5-5! The French had no match points.

17.11 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: Kukushkin and Bublik beat Haase and Rojer with the 7-2 set of the third set! Kazakhstan scoring 6-4 7-6 defeated the Netherlands by 2-1!

17.06 FRANCE-JAPAN: Herbert and Mahut break McLachlan and Uchiyama, the French ATP Finals winners!

17.05 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: Kukushkin and Bublik bring a draw to the set!

17.03 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: Kukushkin and Bublik stay in the second set for the Dutch at 6-5.

17.02 FRANCE-JAPAN: Herbert and Mahut put into service, 4-4.

17:00 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: 5-5, we fight from point to point. Serve the Dutch again.

16:55 KAZAKHSTAN-NETHERLANDS: The Dutch, who have more than a few heartbeats, serve the Kazakhs 5-4 to stay in the match.

16:51 FRANCE-JAPAN: McLachlan and Uchiyama are still rescued, 3-2 for the Japanese couple struggling in batting rounds as the French look clearer.

16:47 KAZAKHSTAN NETHERLANDS: Head-to-head, in the second set, the Dutchman went ahead 4-3.

16:40 FRANCE-JAPAN: The Japanese couple fought, but in the third set for Japan 2-1.

16:36 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: Two people started the second set, where the Dutch got ahead 2-1 but started without a break.

16:31 ARGENTINA-CHILE: Gonzalez and Mayer were bringing service down to zero and bringing Argentina to third, Chile hit 3-0.

16:28 ARGENTINA-CHILE: Gonzalez and Mayer, 6-5 in the second set, Argentina went ahead 3-0 in the calculation of points.

16:26 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: The Kazakh couple, consisting of Kukushkin and Bublik, won the first set against Haase and Rojer for 6-4.

16:24 ARGENTINA-CHILE: 5-5 per second which is twice as much in South America.

16:20 FRANCE-JAPAN: Herbert and Mahut bring home the second set for 6-4, everything will be decided by the third.

16:10 FRANCE-JAPAN: 4-3 for the French in the second set.

16:05 ARGENTINA-CHILE: 2-2 In the second set, the Chileans want to react after losing the first.

15:55 FRANCE-JAPAN: French break in the second set, transalpine 3-2 before and in service.

15:47 ARGENTINA-CHILE: If the Argentine team wins with 6-3, the first set, Albiceleste wants 3-0.

15:38 ARGENTINA-CHILE: Double Gonzalez / Mayer versus Podlipnik / Jarry, now 3-3 in the first set, started a little bit.

15:33 FRANCE-JAPAN: The Japanese couple have won the first set to 7-4, the Asians are trying to hit!

15:29 FRANCE-JAPAN: Turns on 3/3 of the triple plate, still providing excellent balance.

15:24 FRANCE-JAPAN: 6-6, we go to the prime minister.

15:20 FRANCE-JAPAN: For transalpine pairs 6-5, the Japanese are used to send the first set of dashes.

15:12 FRANCE-JAPAN: Herbert / Mahut-McLachlan / Uchiyama 4-1 meeting in the first set is in very balance so far.

15:08 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: Haase wins the 7-5 drinker and draws with Kazakhstan, a double decision for this challenge.

15:00 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: The match between Bublik and Haase will be decided in the third set!

14:57 FRANCE-JAPAN: The couple, composed by Hubert and Mahut, direct the first set 3-2 without a break.

14:50 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: The difficulty between Bublik and Haase is 5-5 in the third set, and remains very narrow.

14:43 FRANCE-JAPAN: The pair that the decision of the challenge has begun.

14:38 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: There is still no break in the third set between Bublik and Haase, the Dutch 4-3.

14:34 FRANCE-JAPAN: The pair between Herbert / Mahut and McLachlan / Uchiyama will begin soon.

14:28 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: Started the third set between Bublik and Haase without a break: score 2-2.

14:26 ARGENTINA-CHILE: Schwartzman survived Garin in 1: 13 with a score of 6-2, 6-2. Argentina then beat Chile and called 3-0 double.

14:22 ARGENTINA-CHILE: Garin Scwartzman 5-2, taking a break and extending the second set.

14:14 ARGENTINA-CHILE: 5-0 against Garin for Schwartzman, one step from success in albiceleste.

14:10 ARGENTINA-CHILE: The inevitable Schwartzman! Another Argentine break that made the second set 4-0 and approached a comfortable win.

14:08 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: Bublik was forced to record two breakpoints before closing the second set to Haase for 6-3. The third set is decisive.

14:03 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: 5-3 leading Kazakh Bublik in the second set serves to extend the fight against Haase to the third party.

14:01 ARGENTINA-CHILE: Argentina, taking a break at the start of the second Schwartzman set in Garin, rules the struggle of South America.

13:59 FRANCE-JAPAN: Now the score is 1-1, the winner of the final is clearly deciding that he will double with the preferred transalpine Herbert and Mahut.

13:56 FRANCE-JAPAN: Nishioka closed the game at 15 and set Monfils in two sets (7-5, 6-2)!

13:54 FRANCE-JAPAN: A very important moment, the second set 5-2 leading Japanese Nishioka will be used for the win.

13:51 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: In the second set, the Bublik break took the lead 3-1 in the Kazakh side Haase.

13:47 FRANCE-JAPAN: MONFILES IN THE COMPLETE CRISIS! Another break in Nishioka's 4-1, serving in the second set.

13:44 ARGENTINA-CHILE: Schwartzman sharpens everything by tearing the Garin line and winning the first set 6-2.

13:42 FRANCE-JAPAN: Break against Nishioka, Monfils! The Japanese driver manages the second set 2-1 after winning the first.

13:40 ARGENTINA-CHILE: Garin rescued Schwartzman from a break, now taking the first set to 5-2, Argentina should be careful.

13:38 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: Haase maintains the service and wins the first set 7-5 against Bublik.

13:34 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: The Dutch who have broken against Bublik from Haase will take the first set home.

13.30 FRANCE-JAPAN: Nishioka wins the first set with Monfils. The Japanese imposed themselves for 7-5. Definitely a surprise result.

13.27 ARGENTINA-CHILE: Schwartzman's double break against Garin. Argentine 4-0.

13.25 FRANCE-JAPAN: Nishioka left in the eleventh game. The Japanese moved to 6-5 against Monfils.

13.23 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: 4-4 in the first set between Bublik and Haase.

13.21 ARGENTINA-CHILE: A great start for Diego Schwartzman. Argentina is 3-0 ahead of Garin.

13.17 FRANCE-JAPAN: Great balance in the first set between Monfils and Nishioka. 4-4

13.12 ARGENTINA-CHILE: The challenge between Schwartzman and Garin is about to begin.

13.08 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: 2-2 between Bublik and Haase.

13.05 FRANCE-JAPAN: In the first set against Monishi, Nishioka took the lead 3-2.

13.00 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: The challenge between Bublik and Haase has started.

12.56 FRANCE-JAPAN: Between 1-1 and Monfils and Nishioka.

12.51: The match starts between Gael Monfils and Yoshihito Nishioka.

12.46: These are the challenges of the second round of singles.

Monfils (Fra) – Nishioka (Jap)
Bublik (Goose) – Haase (Ola)
Schwartzman (Arg) – Garin (Cil)

12.43: France, Argentina and Kazakhstan are all leading 1-0.

12.38 ARGENTINA-CHILE: Guido Pella wins. 6-4 6-3 against the Chilean Jar.

12.35 ARGENTINA-CHILE: Reserved for Pella in the eighth game. Argentine for 5-3.

12.28 ARGENTINA-CHILE: The only match in progress between Pella and Jarin. 3-3 in the second set.

12.23 KAZAKHSTAN NETHERLANDS: Very easy even for Mikhail Kukushkin. Double 6-2 for the Dutch van de Zandschulp. First point for Cossacks.

12.16 FRANCE-JAPAN: The French are leading the fight against Asians. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga's victory in the first single. 6-2 6-1 – Yasutaka Uchiyama

12.10 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: Mikhail Kukushkin stands out against the Dutch van de Zandschulp (6-2 4-2).

12.06 ARGENTINA-CHILE: Guido Pella conquers the first set, grabbing Jarry's service in the tenth game. Argentine for 6-4.

12.03 FRANCE-JAPAN: The absolute sovereignty of Tsonga. For the French, 6-2 4-0.

11.58 ARGENTINA-CHILE: Jarry corrects disadvantage breaks and shortens Pella by 5-4.

11.54 FRANCE-JAPAN: It's all easy for Tsonga. 6-2 2-0 for transalpine.

11.50 KAZAKHSTAN NETHERLANDS: Mikhail Kukushkin also won the first set. Net for Cossack against Dutch Van de Zandschulp 6-2

11.47 FRANCE-JAPAN: Jo-Wilfried Tsonga wins the first set! 6-2 For the French against Uchiyama.

11.43 ARGENTINA-CHILE: easy for Guido Pella, who is 4-1 ahead of Jarry in the first set.

11.39 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: Kukushkin's break takes off in the Netherlands at Van de Zandschulp 3-2

11.37 FRANCE-JAPAN: Tsonga reigns. The French are leading 4-1 in the first set against Uchiyama.

11.34 FRANCE-JAPAN: Break Tsonga too! In the first set for the French 3-1.

11.31 ARGENTINA-CHILE: What a start for Guido Pella! Instant break against Jarry. 2-0 in the first set.

11.26 FRANCE-JAPAN: Uchiyama also keeps the service good. 1-1 in the first set.

11.24 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: The perfect start for Van de Zandschulp and Kukushkin. At the opening of the first set 1-1.

11.21 FRANCE-JAPAN: The perfect start for Tsonga, which keeps the service at zero. 1-0 for the Alps.

11.15 Final heating stages.

11.08: 11.15 The first encounters of the session of the day begin, not before.

11.02: Definitely waiting for the evening session. Spain will be guests of (Nadal games) and above all the basic United States-Canada for Italy. The success of the Americans will be the basis for Azzurri.

10.56: Very little is missing at the beginning of the day. These are the games we will follow.

Tsonga (Fra) – Uchiyama (Gia)
Pella (Arg) – Jar (Freckle)
Kukushkin (Goose) – Van de Zandschulp (Ola)

10.50 KAZAKHSTAN-HOLLAND: The struggle has certainly fought too much. The sweaters came side by side and put Mikhail Kukushkin in line, soon to meet with Botic Van de Zandschulp.

10.45 ARGENTINA-CHILE: The South American derby is very interesting. The difficulty of seeing Argentina was somewhat preferred, but the war is expected. Guido Pella and Nicolas Jarry will start, then it's up to Diego Schwartzman and Christian Garin.

10.40 FRANCE-JAPAN: There is definitely an expectation for a France that presents itself with an excellent team and can target its final victory. Asians, on the other hand, are absolutely not competitive without Kei Nishikori. The challenge here will be Tsonga and Uchiyama.

10.36: The daily session starts at 11:00. These are three timed challenges.
Kazakhstan Netherlands

10.30: Good morning, this is the second day of the 2019 Davis Cup finals.

Presentation of the second day – Schedule of the second day

Hello and welcome back ALIVE second 2019 Davis Cup final day.

The first day of Spain's hosting. Rafa Nadal and his friends face Russia in an immediate decisive battle for the Red Furies. In fact, the Russians today beat Croatia 3-0, and with another victory the ticket to the quarterfinals was cut.

The same applies to Canada, which will face the United States. The match that closely concerns Italy, which is attacking the root for US victory (the best will be 2-1). A success for Canadians would eliminate all hope for the Corrado Barazzutti team to close in the first place, leaving only the possibility of returning to the first second.

It starts at 11.00 with three difficulties. Super France preferred Japan. The South American derby between Argentina and Chile is very interesting and there will also be a balance between Kazakhstan and the Netherlands with a small amount of Cossacks. The last challenge at 18.00 is the Aussies, who Aussies clearly predicted, putting Australia in front of Colombia.

OA Sport will offer you ALIVE Davis Cup & # 39; s second day 2019 final. It starts at 11:00. Have fun! (Photo: LaPresse)

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