Tuesday , May 17 2022

Apple cut production orders for three new iPhone models


As reported by the Wall Street Journal, in recent weeks Apple has recently cut the last three iPhone's offerings on September 12, the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max. The Cupertino company could not accurately predict its market demand. The launch of new devices and three different models at the same time made it difficult to estimate the units to be produced by manufacturing companies.

Clear cut for iPhone XR production

In September, Apple began selling its iPhone XS and XS Max. Last month, the launch of the iPhone XR, the third expensive, but at a price starting from 749 Euro. A few weeks ago, Apple shocked its investors with a lower-than-expected sales forecast for the Christmas period and sent a warning to some suppliers that have weakened sales of new models.
What is particularly important is that almost one-third of the 70 million units required for September's manufacturing companies were disrupted by the production of the iPhone XR, along with Apple, which was forced in recent weeks to lower the order. In February. The New York newspaper reports that the company, led by Tim Cook, had to drop its production plan no later than seven days ago.

The whole market is in a difficult situation

Despite this decline, Apple remains stable in any situation in a difficult market such as smartphones. It seems odd to highlight this in an autumn where main technology companies are struggling with new high-end mobile phones, but their sales show a sharp drop. More precisely, 377.8 million units sold in the third quarter of last year increased from 355.2 million in 2018 in the same period. This was the fourth consecutive quarter of a contraction. The main reason for this slowdown is the extremely high prices due to the lack of significant innovations between the devices put on the market by various manufacturers.

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