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Apple can replace the iPhone with smart glasses

November 20, 2019 – They will Smart glasses close to the "next big thing" Who will replace your smartphone forever? This question has been disturbing analysts and experts for some time now. For some smartphone cycle ends desperately and as soon as they become a memory.

Of course Reverberation of Google Glass Launched in 2012 and immediately withdrew from the market is not a good omen, by the way things have changed and smart glasses can be the return of heroes full regaliada Thanks to the great progress made in recent years with augmented reality and related technologies.

Smart glasses instead of iPhone?

In circulation for ten years, the iPhone has actually invented a new "product" change the way we use and use mobile phones. Sooner or later he'il come. iPhone will have to make room for something new and really innovative.

According to a report published online by the famous online magazine The Information, Something's already moving in Cupertino offices. Apparently, Apple is already running. Find iPhone replacement and the choice would fall precisely in 2020, perhaps in the form of a prototype – to a pair of augmented reality smart glasses that could form the first appearance.

But this could only be the first step Cupertino needs to take to change the iPhone. According to the report, Apple employees held a secret meeting where plans for the company's future were closed. A future without iPhone replaced with a pair of smart glasses to wear every day and expected in the market for 2023.

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