Saturday , October 23 2021

Aosta, the mother kills her children with a lethal injection and kills herself


A 48-year-old woman, Marisa Charrère, died according to the first police findings – her children, aged 7 and 9, and then died. The night was in a town just a few kilometers from Aosta, at the center of Ayosil.

According to the first reconstruction of the police, a nurse in the hospital in Aosta gave a lethal injection to the two children, a cocktail of drugs that brought her home from her work. This is the first hypothesis formulated by researchers. In the morning, prosecutor Carlo Introvigne, who co-ordinates the mobile team's investigation, will appoint his post to carry out the autopsies of the three bodies of Aosta, Mirella Gherardi.

The police warned that her husband found the bodies of his sons and husband after midnight by Osvaldo Empereur, an agent at the Aosta forestry. Aosta's police station's mobile team intervened at the scene. Inside the house, she left two letters, now being examined by the researchers, drawn by the unbearable weight of the negativities of life.

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