Tuesday , May 17 2022

Antibiotic resistance is a massacre in Italy, but only related to measles and vaccines.


Due to infections antibiotic resistance In Europe, thirty thousand people die annually, and deaths in Italy alone are ten thousand. This is a truly silent massacre, because it does not explicitly inform us in our country, the deaths caused by the use of an excessive and inappropriate antibiotic is a phenomenon that represents a world emergency situation.

The majority of the Italian media warns of eight cases of measles in Bari and ineffective the critical parents against vaccines. In Europe, our country has occurred one-third of all deaths antibiotic resistance related.

According to the surveys in 2015, there were 671,689 antibiotic resistant cases in the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (see) countries where they could be attributed. 33,115 deaths and 874,541 DALY (Disability Adjusted Life Years). Estimates corresponding to 131 antibiotic-resistant infections per 100 thousand people are 6.44 deaths per 100 thousand people and 170 DALYs per 100 thousand people.

It also appears infections it is prevalent in all populations resistant to antibiotics, especially when it affects children below the year, while in adults, the lığı weight leyen of this condition is increasing with advancing age, indicating the aging of the population residing in the EU. As can be seen, this can lead to an increase in the "weight" of diseases.

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