Sunday , September 25 2022

"An immigrant told me a nice mouth, p … free?"


Emanuela Folliero recently married and hosted Very true She told me how her new life was with her husband.

The presenter also explained his day. matrimoniono Even though he disappeared a while ago, he felt his father's presence. "He sent me signals – he said," I felt close to me, I'm sure of that. "But now, the interview freeIt exposes another set that runs at another wavelength.

Emanuela FollieroIn fact, he has always revealed that he has gone under the prying eyes of those who pass because of his (natural) prosperous ward. But before – he confesses – "When I was less dangerous to walk on the street, I would go straight to men", now the climate has changed. "Looks, words, direct fire, I'm acting like on the phone – he says, -" I can't dress flashy ".

Then comes the confession of shock: "The other night I come home and a extracomunitario On the street he shouted at me: 'Nice mouth, free blowjob? & # 39; At other times I would say something, but I escaped from my husband, I did not live far from Milan Central Station before I went to pick up the dog to satisfy my needs. I'm usually careful, but the other day I got caught, and a drunk guy came up behind me, I don't want to do a bunch of weeds all the way, but that's not all, but if a cup can hold only two fingers, pour water and a liter, pour water. 39 ;.

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