Wednesday , October 20 2021

Alberta Ferretti – New uniforms for Alitalia hostesses and staff signed by Economia


Comfort, class and timeless Italian elegance. These are the concepts that respond to the new uniforms of Alitalia ground and flight personnel. The company's wardrobe & # 39; there were the same employees to request renewal. After accepting the invitation of the three commissioners, the new uniforms were designed free of charge by the designer Alberta Ferretti for the use of the Alitalia logo for a collection of capsules designed for everyone. And so the new uniforms have officially entered today both at the aircraft and at the airport. Alberta Ferretti first wore & # 39; crew, this morning, the number 7 Az 2010 flight from Rome Fiumicino and began to head to Milan Linate.
The wardrobe, the men's suit, the suit and the lady's dress made up of the cool blue wool, have a fine, breathable hand that provides comfort and freedom of movement during the flight and activity at the airport & # 39; no season & # 39; fabric. . The garments are personalized with buttons engraved with Alitalia's A under satin and the women's jacket is marked with a branded grosgrain ribbon with tricolor colors in the waist. The new look includes the cotton poplin shirt with a small pocket, headscarf and silk, leather gloves and tie-twill tie coordinated with pure wool knitwear. A vest and apron-style dress was designed in Alitalia's jacquard fabric for on-vehicle service.
The new Alitalia collection stems from the need to meet the numerous demands of the operating personnel in order to improve the quality of the wearers' work every day. In this way, uniforms bring together practicality and elegance, aiming to provide comfort and comfort both in flight and on land, in all business opportunities and in all seasons with comfortable and functional clothing. To this end, the uniforms created by Alberta Ferretti have been researched and designed by the stylist, taking into account the recommendations and recommendations of Alitalia staff. To impose the organizational machine managed by Alitalia, which distributes new uniforms to 5,400 people including flight attendants and officers and above ground personnel.



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