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AI creates the first digital link: television reporters threatened


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The television reporters are in danger when they are filled with the invasion of artificial intelligence.
Actually presented China the first speaker of virtual news, the avatar fruit of the work Xinhua and search engine.

L & # 39;"Ai Anchors"Moved by some algorithms, in the eyes of the audience, in a suit and tie, in the first effect, the realistic appearance can deceive anyone, but we see that betraying the identity of the robotic voice. They welcomed the other side of the screen and reported that they would follow an English newsletter. In addition to the English version, there is only another Chinese character characterized by a different face. "I'll constantly try to inform you. I can't wait to be informed of the latest news": Unspecified was the words of the new server. by XinhuaIn fact, it works 24 hours a day on the press agency's website and social media profiles, "Thus, it reduces the costs of producing news". Since traditional CGI is faster than reading news compared to computer-generated images, it is an excellent tool to spread the breaking news in real time.


"Can read texts with the same naturalness as a professional anchor", declared again Xinhua news: Actually there are records of real announcers at the base. This system has been added to others responsible for the movement of the face, the expression of the lip, in order to ensure the credibility of the face. Speech is the operation of a speech synthesis engine similar to that used for common speakers such as Google Now, which reads a simple script written by human editors. Everything is coordinated by a third system dealing with the synchronization of sound and labialin. The digital character will read the news from the Xihua News Agency and collaborate with other colleagues. The fifth time appeared for the first time World Internet Conference Held in china Zhejiang.

Michael Wooldridge's review

The human ear immediately notes the robotic tone of the voice, capturing the repetition of the eye, movements and expressions, but the technology soon changes. Especially for experts Michael Wooldridge These deficiencies are the subject of discussion. & # 39; dallaUniversity of Oxford the researcher condemned the lack of realism. "Hard to watch for more than a few minutes"says the expert "Does not care about monotony and sentences".
Mecca, which is hard to create harmony between the people and the digital vernal, thus eliminates a possible bond of trust between real individuals.
The idea of ​​a future dominated by artificial intelligence is to find spontaneously in the spontaneous and yet fearful of it.

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