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20 ideas to get rid of the thought of Christmas gifts in November

Mariah Carey has been singing for a few days, and many are starting to think about the list of gifts to be made among those willing to celebrate Christmas by giving them something to throw at their beloved people. Perhaps the most loyal to Christmas traditions is to buy them. For those who want to do this, but my ideas are over, we've put together twenty. Preparing gifts in advance can make Christmas less stressful, protect files from the vault at the last minute, and avoid worries.

A pasta machine. This is the classic machine for making fresh pasta manually from Imperia for those who have been trying to learn how to do it for years. It costs 48 euros from Amazon. Grandma's tutorials on how to make tortellini are not included.

one Aegagropila linnaei. Maybe you've seen one of the influencers in Instagram stories, because it's got some popularity in social networks lately, but you've heard that the common Japanese name is “marimo” or simply “alga a palla”. it briefly explains what it is.
Although the number of plants in nature is very high due to pollution, living in some lakes and rivers of Japan and Northern Europe – such as Lake Myvatn – has reduced the perception of fresh water. This is due to the calm movement of the mirrors and the water flows. It can survive for years and is very simple to maintain: it should be kept in a container full of water to replace it every two weeks; When changing the water, gently and sometimes squeeze a little like sparkling water.

You can buy a very reliable product to buy plants online from the Le Georgiche nurseries in Brescia; they also sell on Amazon and the price varies depending on the size: for a marimo where you spend 20 euros for a marimo of 2-4 centimeters, for a marimo 4-5 centimeters between 22 euros and 50 between 26 and 50 euros 5 A diameter of 7 centimeters.

Symfonisk, Ikea and Sonos have a safe. Everybody knows what Ikea is. Sonos, on the other hand, is one of the most popular companies producing speakers to listen to music at home. Together, they created a desk lamp of 179 euros and a Wi-Fi safe of 99 euros, which is also a Wi-Fi safe. They are cheaper than other Sonos products where they can be integrated into a single sound system and controlled by the same application. In particular, the Wi-Fi case can also be hung on a rail or wall grid (Ikea recommends this for the kitchen, for example) and both are compatible with all music streaming services.

A bathrobe. Only those who go to Netflix and canapés in the winter for canape potatoes. If you want someone serious – because being elegant can be pleasant even when you are alone with yourself – Yoox can be the right place to find for both men and women, as is often the case, unfortunately, the choice is much more. rich for women. If the person you want to give a gift wants to feel like a Jedi or Hogwarts student, Asos is for you. Some of the ones available in Yoox (all costing between 80 and 150 euros) talk about women and men.

From left to right, all in Yoox: Oliver Spencer's dress (134 euros), Hanro's dress (114 euros), Ambassador's dress (139 euros)

From left to right: Tatà robe (78 euro in Yoox), Ugg robe (145 euro in Asos), Vivis robe (72 euro in Yoox)

LEGO tree house. The gift for an entire family is expensive (215 euros) and is only suitable for people older than 16 years by box (but we know that even the youngest are talented, and if it is a gift for a family, it will be made by someone else.) Inevitably considering the adventure novel and holiday of the past. sixteen): The tree house of LEGO Ideas, the LEGO line made from the proposal of LEGO impallinati. Really well done: the tree can change the color of the leaves in different seasons and you can brighten it with this kit. A shame we just couldn't spend an afternoon inside for real.

It's a book someone's talking to. Novels, essays, and other types of books are quite popular as Christmas offers: the only thing that's hard to choose. If you know little about the tastes of the person you want to buy, you can choose a book that is highly debated or probably much talked about. It's definitely in this category Lying lives of adultsElena Ferrante's new novel (here you can get a general idea), whiteThe collection of Bret Easton Ellis and the new Gipi comic book, Extraordinary moments with fake applause.

American coffee machine. Okay, American coffee has nothing to do with espresso, because Domino's pizza has nothing to do with the pizza in Naples: That doesn't mean it's the ones who appreciate it. So, for those who love American coffee (really choice) and most of the time in the bar by adding hot water to an espresso in the bar, they say that the special machine is a nice gift. This costs, for example, 25 euros.
To ensure integrity, from an oral point of view, we should explain that it is correct to prepare Americans by adding hot water to the espresso coffee of the bars. What is commonly but incorrectly called "American coffee" is actually "American coffee" or "better," filtered coffee, and is actually in the United States. drained coffee.

A hot cup. With the filtered coffee machine, you can add the "smart" version of a multi-day object as they say: cup. This is called Ember and can hold a hot drink for one hour at your preferred temperature (all day if you use a coaster with an additional battery). Sets with an application. It costs 90 euros.

A synthesizer in a hand. Recommended for those who only make music or are not a serious critic, the Pocket Operator we're talking about is a small synthesizer that is similar to a calculator with no coverage. It has a small LCD screen, 23 small keys and two protruding buttons; It allows you to do a small part of the work of traditional synthesizers. There are several models: among others, the PO-12 Rhythm acts as a drum machine, ie an electronic drum set; PO-14 Sub is used to play bass lines; and the PO-16 Factory serve to produce melodies. They cost 62 euros, 58 euros and 62 euros respectively and are designed primarily for use with other devices: they are perfect for, for example, interconnection, but can also be synchronized with any other electronic synthesizer. Other brands

Modular from Kartell. For a passionate design partner, Anna Castelli Ferrieri's Componibili container system, which has existed since 1969 and is always beautiful and comfortable to look at. Small Sectional, 32 cm diameter and 40 height, can be used as a nightstand. You can buy it in Amazon for $ 81 million in white.

cheese zuzu Did you see SiegeYou may have noticed examples of Daria Bignardi's new program in Nove, the acronym: Zuzu, a 23-year-old cartoonist from Salerno, published his first book this year. cheese. He tells an autobiographical story about three friends, a girl and two boys and talks about eating disorders.

A cloth to practice with Chinese calligraphy. Some time ago an editor Messages he had dinner at a friend's house and also had a two-year-old boy. To entertain her, the landlords gave her a cloth, a brush, and a glass of water to make Chinese calligraphy – in the present amazement. It makes sense: the fabric remains black when wet with water, turning black like a thick paper and until it dries. For this, Chinese logograms are used to learn how to draw accurately and elegantly, without wasting weight and weight paper and liters and liters of ink with a brush.
In fact, it becomes a magic blackboard for a child to draw freely on it: the editor says that his son has colored all the fabric as "black" and that water has spread everywhere, yes. water and nothing contaminated.
You can buy one from Amazon for 5 euros. If you are interested in learning Chinese calligraphy, you can buy the fabric with a brush and a book to learn 60 characters: it costs 15 to 30 euros.

A fisherman's hat. They have been seen in fashion shows for more than a year, in most stores and on the street where they have now begun. If you think that one of the people you want to give a gift wants to follow this fashion, if you are afraid of going too far, including too many black models, there are too many options. For those who are not afraid to dare, there are inevitable double-faced (20 euros for women) and mantar mushroom tem themed patterns (16 euros for men), with large personality fishing hats.

Book of Wonders Flegonte di Tralle. Book festival directed by Pescara at FLA Messages Luca Sofri is also artistic director, writer Chiara Valerio Heart cannot be seenrecommended everyone to read Book of Wonders Flegonte di Tralle. He was a Greek writer who lived under the Roman emperor Hadrian and was a slave before his release; The book is a collection of sensational stories – they talk about ghosts, monsters, revived corpses, centuries old, and vague prophecies – which the people of that time loved so much and that we can read today as tales and fantastic stories. We ask you Valerio's suggestion as a Christmas gift idea.

A nice e-reader that nobody would buy on their own. Two new e-reader models have emerged this year, which is about reading. By comparing them – they concluded that the New Kindle Oasis, 250 Euro, Kobo Jersey, 280 Euro – will be a great gift for a person who reads a lot and uses e-books (not just paper books). If the person has always used a Kindle e-reader, maybe it's better to focus on Oasis, and if you don't, or if you think you can appreciate the ease of borrowing books, direct yourself to Kobo Form.

Scrabble. A common misconception is that the Scrabble board game is the Italian version of Scrabble: the two games are very similar, but not the same in all rules, and although there is a reason, it is possible that Scrabble was inspired by Scrabble. ; n "inventor" question was able to continue selling his game. Scrabble (20 Euro), although found in Italy, although less known. If you have someone in mind that it might be a nice gift, know that there is a version of dialect that says "scarrafone" and "sghei" (29 euros), and perhaps a version that is suitable for the attendees. classic high school and she loves Latin, dead tongues very much.

Ugg from home. Ugg & # 39; s slippers, the brand of gay Australian boots, which are now widely used and appreciated everywhere, can be very interesting, especially for those who have caught a cold in the physical extremities and who already want to wear fur boots to walk around. The model for women and the model for men are distinguished by a band of difference hairs.

A photo book. Among whom the photo editor joins Messages had to do this year I Know How Angry Your Heart Is He especially liked Alec Soth (where you can see some photos here). It is considered to be a “lyrical discovery yakın of closeness, consisting of photographs taken in different parts of the world but not related to a particular place. If the images tell you something, it may be for you.

A football shirt. It's always a good time to give it to those who are passionate, but decide what kind of shirt to buy and where it might be complicated without knowing it before: new or vintage, for competition or training, used or new. Classic Football Shirt offers you the widest selection of shirts (including Italian) online. Inside you can find everything from the uniforms used by the Brunei national team in 2014 to the more classic green-and-white shirt of Celtic Glasgow.

The third shirt of Marseille 2017-2018

A game for children like adults. If you know that children will play with one or more adults, it makes sense as a gift: Bruno Munari and the Transformation of Giovanni Belgrano. It was invented in 1975 and is made of 60 papers placed horizontally or vertically to form series of pictures. Some cards show animals, tree parts, flowers and other things seen in nature. In general, it can be used to invent stories and stimulate imagination. The publisher of Munari's plays costs 42 euros on Corraini's website.


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