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ZOA condemns Rashida Tlaib for the symbolism of the Palestinian flag

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The Zionist Organization condemned the first Palestinian American Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) Elected to Congress on Tuesday to embrace the Palestinian flag on Tuesday's election victory party on Tuesday.

Tlaib is known to support BDS and other anti-Israel beliefs.

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The first Palestinian and Muslim American congress women, Rashida Tlaib, proclaims victory.

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– Khaled Beydoun (@KhaledBeydoun) November 7, 2018

In Rashida Tlaib, maaş true ahmet in the US, and recently hesitated and anti-anti-anti-life, honoring terrorists, naming schools and streets, paying salaries to the terrorists in prison and the amount of Jewish blood they left to the families of deceased terrorists to reward, oranla says ZOA national chairman Mort Klein.

Edi The P.A.-controlled media are full of mosques, schools and youth camps, the exaltation of terrorism, and incitement to hatred and murder. “

He also said, olan Cong.-Electra Rashida Tlaib sads loyalty to the US or the terrorist dictatorship of America as an enemy! Kle

Adı The ZOA also condemned the anti-Semitic extremism, which included support for Tlaib's anti one state “; The justification of Israel's sovereignty and sovereignty and the support of a single Arab state, ve he added.

Tlaib, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the solution should be a "state," he said.

”Separate but not working equally,“ he said. I I'm only 42, but there were generations walking with my teachers. [Dr.] Martin Luther King [Jr.]. The idea of ​​a two-state solution does not work. "

ZOA called on the Congress Ethics Committee to ites investigate their actions Z.

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