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Unfortunately for Claude Lanzmann's ‘Shoah’ sequel ’Four Sisters Cla


Claude Lanzmann's Mart Four Sisters 39, one of the four films “Noah & # 39; s Ark eş da Hanna Marton (Cohen Media Group)

(JTA– There was Claude Lanzmann before Steven Spielberg.

The USC Shoah Foundation – The Holocaust statement of Spielberg, funded by the & Schindler List edil of the Oscar®-winning director in 1994, before the birth of Spielberg's Holocaust expression archives, C Shoah Dı The documentary provided an earlier opportunity. For survivors, II. World War II to share their testimony and to document the mass extermination of Jews.

During dı Shoah taşı, which lasted nine hours, he carried the fears into a world that did not believe or not. Six million dead are unthinkable, but it is also more difficult to ignore one's words. Like politics, genocide is local.

For more than thirty years since Shoah, Lanzmann, who passed away in July 92, published a series of side films that were not used in the original film such as eden A Visit from Life “and 92 Sobibor, 14 October“. 1943, 16:00 19

The ğı Four Sisters den, the latest installment, are about four women, not related to blood, from the experiences of war. Four separate films will be released this week in New York and next week in Los Angeles, followed by a national publication. All four films will be available in theaters and film viewers will see two of them per ticket.

Lanzmann's approach here is different from the original. In gel Shoah bir, he used many voices to tell the big story, and met in interviews with survivors and perpetrators. With this project, he gave his own movie to each of his ini sisters ver – his own opportunity to tell his horrific and powerful story. Their length ranges from 52 to 89 minutes.

Another star difference: olan The Four Sisters fark contain women's perspectives that are largely missing from the original o Shoah ”.

But like. Shoah ”, k Four Sisters” is hard to watch. In söyl Baluty işgal, Paula Biren, originally from Poland, Lodz, said he hoped to take steps to help Lanzmann, after the German occupation of Britain or France.

Or Poland had relations with both countries, “he says.

The two powers declared war on Germany, but there were no large-scale military actions for months. All the Jews of the city were transferred to the infamous Lodz Ghetto. However, Chaim Rumkowski, the Nazi-appointed head of the Jewish community, made a deal with the Germans – the Jews would be forced into slave labor to ban the deportation to the camps. This was a Faust bargain: 45,000 Jews died in the ghetto for starvation or other reasons.

When the Nazis say they will send every child under 9 years to a private camp, Paula tells how a mother withdrew her daughter. An SS officer grabbed the mother by her neck, turned to her and shot her in the face.

However, because of the agreement, Paula went to a private high school and was hired to become a police officer later. Someone left the Biren after realizing that he was reluctantly complicit in sending black-market traders. But his guilt continued.

Over the years, guilt has become anger.

Or Then I felt I had no choice, “he says. The world should lar feel guilty for what they have done to me Dünya

The Nazis, in the light of the ğinde Hippocratic oath u, was 19 years old when the 19-year-old Nazis invaded the small town where his family has lived for generations. Soon after, his father was banned by the workers in the sausage factory – where he worked for years.

Ruth was eventually deported to Theresienstadt, where drunken SS soldiers invaded and raped the women's bloc and raped them. When she became pregnant, she attracted the attention of the Nazi doctor Josef Mengele, who was known for his horrible experiments with prisoners and known as the N Angel of Death Kend.

After surrendering her child, Mengele squeezed her breasts so the nurse couldn't make the baby. She wanted to know how long the newborn would survive without being alive. A Jewish camp doctor gave her medicine that allowed her to kill her child so that she would not have to suffer.

Paula Biren was shown in uty Baluty Pau. Lanzmann's original ad Shoah de film largely contained the statements of men. (Cohen Media Group)

In or Noah's Ark hayatta, Paula Marton, like Paula, convicted ilen because she realizes that the survival of 450,000 Hungarian Jews, who were slain in the final stages of the war, took place at the expense of their lives. Her husband worked with Rudolf Kasztner, who negotiated an agreement with Adolf Eichmann, who had saved about 1,700 Jews each, for a fee of $ 1,000 each.

Iy The Merry Flea ry tells the story of Ada Lichtman, one of three women chosen to work in Sobibor. Their work was the cleaning and remodeling of babies stolen from Jewish children before they were sent to Germany. The babies have always been reminders of what they've been through.

It's hard not to see this new project in relation to the last Pittsburgh synagogue. Questions such as ini Do we need another Holocaust film? Bir assume that the wrong lessons are learned. The Jews of Pittsburgh would not agree, as the parents of Jewish students in Pascack Valley High School in the New Jersey suburb, had discovered a swastika for the second time in six weeks.

In a 1981 essay, Lanzmann wrote: de Like the indestructible phoenix, anti-Semitism almost emerges from its ashes everywhere. Yaz He could have probably written the same paper.

On an iron twist, on July 4, k Four Sisters k appeared in Europe, and Lanzmann died the next day. He had realized that he had done everything that his job was or could do. Our business continues.

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