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Turkey kosher how short story Jns

Thanksgiving usually consists of cooking at a level that Jews do every week for Shabbat preparation – soup, salad, and all those parties who accompany the main course.

The chicken, while the staples of agriculture during the period and at no time is not a stranger against kashrut or kosher standards, turkey Old World & # 39; was an unknown bird initially because it is not, so you get though whether or not they would present a dilemma. It was acceptable for the Jews to eat according to the nutritional laws.

Rashi, the Jewish commentator of the 11th century, argued that only the birds that the Jews ate could only be allowed to eat; therefore, all new birds discovered cannot be considered kosher.

Turkey, in the 18th century, although some literature on Jewish law, the main issue of whether the New World bird is kosher Mishnah Hullin to deal with new, unknown birds. For kosher certification, birds need to be composed of specific physiological characteristics: a crop, an extra nose and a thick, thick-walled part of the stomach that is easy to peel.

Furthermore, there is a behavioral requirement for kosher birds not to have certain types of predatory behavior.

Finally, the Jews who celebrate Thanksgiving in Israel, like their counterparts in the United States, do not, however, observe the Jewish law, but consume the Americans twice a year instead of the turkey meat that eats every year.

According to the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture, Israelis eat about 28 pounds of turkey each year – about 16.4 pounds eaten by the average Americans each year.

Moreover, Israel & # 39; about half of the turkey production in Europe & # 39; or is exported.

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