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Toronto Dominion Bank Receives 50.68 Million Securities in Intercontinental Exchange Inc (ICE)

Toronto Dominion Bank closed its shares in Intercontinental Exchange Inc (NYSE: ICE) by 13.8% in the third quarter. The company had 676,782 shares of the financial service provider after selling 108,582 shares during the period. Toronto Dominion Bank had approximately 0.12% Intercontinental Exchange at the end of its most recent reporting period.

Other hedge funds and other institutional investors also purchased and sold the shares of the business. Findlay Park Partners LLP increased its Intercontinental Exchange shares by 25.3% in the third quarter. Findlay Park Partners LLP currently holds a total of 394,174 shares of the financial services provider and holds a total of USD 14650 thousand 507 shares. ARK Investment Management LLC raised its assets in Intercontinental Exchange by 3.703.9% in the third quarter. After purchasing 67,115 shares, ARK Investment Management LLC has 68,927 shares of the financial services provider. Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings Inc. raised its assets at the Intercontinental Exchange by 10.5% in the third quarter. Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings Inc. owns 2.399.748 US dollars of the shares of the financial services provider after purchasing 227,465 shares throughout the period. SG Americas Securities LLC raised its assets in the Intercontinental Exchange by 624.6% in the third quarter. During this period, SG Americas Securities LLC has acquired 71,163 shares and holds 82,556 shares of the financial services provider, which is worth $ 6,183,000. In the end, Lincoln National Corp purchased a new $ 328,000 worth of shares in the Intercontinental Exchange in the third quarter. Corporate investors and hedge funds hold 89.31% of the company's shares.

In other Intercontinental Exchange news, CEO Jeffrey C. Sprecher sold 80,000 shares of the company's shares on Wednesday (August 22nd). Its shares are $ 5,862,400.00 for a total transaction of $ 73.28 & # 39; sold at an average price. The sale was announced in a file by the Securities and Exchange Commission which is available in this link. In addition, CFO sold 70,659 shares of Scott A. Hill in a transaction on Thursday (September 6th). The total amount of the shares was sold at an average price of $ 76.56 with a value of $ 5,409,653,04. Following the transaction, the finance manager has 231,782 shares worth approximately $ 17745,229.92 of the company's stock. The description for this sale can be found here. Insiders sold 288,819 shares worth 21,896,765 shares in the last ninety days. Insiders have 1,50% of the company's shares.

Some analysts commented on ICE shares. ValuEngine raised the shares of Intercontinental Exchange from Cuma hold Cuma to a; purchase continental rating in a report on Friday (September 7th). Zacks Investment Research reduced Intercontinental Exchange shares from the Exchange sales continental rating to gün sales Eylül in a report Thursday (6 September). FIX Intercontinental Exchange shares were released on Wednesday (September 5th) in a report. They issued a yayın purchase dolar note and a $ 88.00 price target for the company. Wells Fargo & Co, the price target for Intercontinental Exchange shares is $ 80.00 from $ 81.00 & # 39; a took it out and the stock market gave "market performance" in a report Thursday (November 1st). Lastly, Barclays raised its price targets for Intercontinental Exchange shares from $ 82.00 to $ 85.00 and issued a stock note .00 overweight Son on Thursday (November 1st) in a report. Two analysts evaluated the stock with a rating, and thirteen people gave the stock a purchase rating. The stock currently has an average purchase price of; Buy bir and $ 84.29.

The shares of NYSE ICE opened on Wednesday at $ 79.81. Intercontinental Exchange Inc. fifty-two weeks low to $ 65.97 and fifty-two weeks to $ 80.00. The company has a market value of $ 44.37 billion, a earnings-to-earnings ratio of 27.05, a price-to-profit ratio of 2.25, and a beta of 0.53. The Company has a fast rate of 1.00, the current ratio of 1.00 and the debt-equity ratio of 0.38.

The Intercontinental Exchange (NYSE: ICE) recently announced earnings results on Wednesday (October 31st). The financial services provider reported a gain of $ 0.85 per share for the quarter and reported that Zacks' $ 0.80 estimate was $ 0.05. Intercontinental stock had 43.09% net profit margin and 11.67% return on equity. The business had an income of $ 1.20 billion, compared with a consensus estimate of $ 1.19 billion over the quarter. In the same quarter of last year, the company earned $ 0.73 per share. Quarterly revenue increased by 4.7% compared to the previous year. On average, sales side analysts predict that Intercontinental Exchange Inc. will release 3.52 EPS for the current year.

The intercontinental stock has announced that the Board of Directors has a stock purchase plan that allows it to reclaim $ 2.00 billion on Wednesday (October 31st). This buy-back authorization allows the financial service provider to purchase up to 4.8% of its shares through open market purchases. Share repurchase plans are often a sign that the company's board of directors believes that its shares are kept low.

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Intercontinental Currency Company Profile

Intercontinental Stock Exchange, Inc. operates in the United States, the United Kingdom, the Continent, Asia, Israel and Canada, regulating stock exchanges, clearing houses and entry spaces for the financial and commodity markets. Works in two segments; Trade and Clearing; and Data and Lists. The company market for listing, trading and exchanging a range of derivatives and securities contracts between various asset classes, including energy and agricultural products, interest rates, stocks, equity and credit derivatives, listed funds, bonds and currencies. operates their places.

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