Thursday , September 29 2022

Secular, religious candidates flee to the mayor of Jerusalem


TUNIS – Jerusalem is fighting for the mayor among secular and religious candidates who turn into a turbulent war on power and influence in the holy city.

The Israeli businessman Moshe Lion had significant support from the Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat and the Orthodox Jewish House party, which increased the chances of becoming the next mayor of the city.

At I believe that choosing Moshe Lion in the second round means choosing the goodness of Jerusalem and that's why I decided to support him, tur said Barkat, a member of the Likud party, which finished Lion in the 2013 mayoral race. ”Moshe Lion will be successful in Jerusalem.“

The Orthodox Jew, popular with religious Zionists, received the support of the influential extremist Orthodox community of Jerusalem and right-wing Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman. On the 13th of November, he will meet with candidate Ofer Berkovitch on the 13th.

Describing himself as eye unifying şehir, Aslan vowed to stimulate Jerusalem's economy, reach the Palestinians and encourage young residents to stay in the city.

Berkovitch campaigned on a platform focused on economic development, infrastructure and education. He emphasized the importance of dı tolerance ”and yaş living together“.

Ber I am the only candidate for the interests of Jerusalem, not Lieberman. [ultra-Orthodox leader Aryeh] The center of leather or Likud,, Berkovitch recently met.

The mayor of Jerusalem, an important position in Israeli politics, drew attention to the violent divisions in the country's secular camp and the political obstacles of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is a candidate for the Jerusalem Affairs Minister Ze & Ev Elkin. voting tour.

Analysts say Netanyahu of Eltanya. A close supporter of Elkin & # 39; s close guard and 20% of the votes. he said that he finished third, and that Netanyahu's influence might be diminishing.

"He (Netanyahu), Likud'un Ze’ev Elkin'i only late in the race and approved tomorrow, but Elkin did not even in the second round," he wrote Al-Monitor'da wrote Israeli writer Akiva Eldar. Iyor Elkin – the Minister of Jerusalem Affairs and the overwhelming defeat of Netanyahu's recent business partner – the coup distributed to the Likud faction in the municipal council – won only one chair – showing that Netanyahu's support is not necessarily enough. "

Elder added: s Netanyahu may be losing the magic touch. There is no city in which Netanyahu's political and personal identity is more closely linked to Jerusalem than the capital of Israel. "

Netanyahu faced the corruption scandal, which included members of his inner circle, including his wife and cousin. He was repeatedly questioned about corruption allegations, and analysts warned that an indictment might appear.

After the defeat of Elkin's shock, the local branch of the Likud party began to support Aslan, claiming strong nationalist views. Elkin refused to endorse the candidate.

Berkovitch opposed ğ back door deals oks and said that the Lion worked with extremist Orthodox leaders and Barkat to seize power.

"Everything [Lion’s] He said that voters have no public legitimacy to lead a major political deal and Jerusalem. Iz We will win… We will win from below. We'il beat the car-dealers. We're winning because they understand what the Jerusalem politicians don't understand yet. "

Despite losing important approvals, Berkovitch has a more powerful power base in Jerusalem than in Jerusalem, where the J birlem party has not received a single chair in the city council.

If elected as mayor, Aslan would need to renounce the country's Interior Ministry to oversee the council.

Palestinian residents are frustrated by the growth of Israeli settlements and weak infrastructure, boycotting the mayoral races, which justifies a system in which they are marginalized and inadequate.

Nas I do not want to recognize the political rules of the game and recognize or justify the Israeli occupation, İsrail said Rami Nasrallah, Director General of the International Peace and Cooperation Center for East Jerusalem.

Aziz Abu Sarah, the only Palestinian candidate, left the mayoral race one month after the first round of elections after questioning the status of the residence.

Vazgeç It seems that the political parties of interest on both sides are hoping to maintain the status quo and will not give up anything to prevent progress, grup he wrote in Twitter.

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