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Rosanne Cash: Everything Recalls Album Review


Country music has a long memory. After decades of Hank Williams' death, she still remains fleeting for the musical spirit, still quoting songs that are unlike honky tonk. Williams is not the only figure whose legends have cast a shadow on the country. Johnny Cash emerges as a rebellious totem for mainstream country singers and stands as a clear touchstone for sub-country troubadours like Colter Wall. Rosanne Cash, the eldest daughter of Johnny Cash, never drove away from her father Right or wrongThe 1980 LP launched an untouchable decade of albums. But he tried to define himself independently. In the 1980s, he left the new wave and rootstocks targeted at the mainstream, completely separated from Nashville in the 1990s, and settled in New York City, creating a creative and romantic relationship with John Leventhal.

Until her death in 2003, Cash began to deal with parts of her father's musical heritage. Most of this process involved looking back. 2009 in ListHarlan Howard's classic tı Number of the Hearts kal and Bob Dylan's k Girl from the North Country ’told us that they should know from the heart. Grammy Award River and Yarn five years later, he solved his roots in the American Southern, revealing his myths and his music; It was as fast as everything he did. With new He remembers everything, Cash takes these lessons and applies them to the present day, which creates an album that connects to the past by addressing the chaos of the moment.

Working with Leventhal once again, Cash revitalizes its clean lines River and Yarn, selecting the atmosphere on the sand. Not all soft echoes and hoarse rhythms are blurry, not dreamy. These subdued voices, reconciliation, loss and lasting love fit a series of songs about the things that shape adult. Cash & # 39; s women, women, about the weight of their previous decisions and clarifies the current situation. But He remembers everything it's not a topical album: Cash glances at the bigger picture, all these disappointments and little victories contributing to making life.

There are exceptions: in the ah 8 Gods of Harlems ini, three chords punched the album's tasteful fog again to relent again and again to the softened but manifest rage. The song draws a school from three different perspectives: one written by Cash Kris, one written by Kris Kristofferson and the other by Elvis Costello. Each author contributes to a verse that gives blows to its lyrical rhythms. Cash emphasizes mother's pain and puts the scene on the street. Kristofferson breaks the spell with coarse bluntness, confronted with the fluoride summary of Costello's post. These various approaches suggest that such violence is beyond the understanding of a songwriter.

This is the only place He remembers everything Cash notifies the spotlight to another singer or directs the spotlight directly. Does not cooperate; singer / songwriter Sam Phillips, which he wrote with his editor-in-chief, wrote a few with Leventhal and contacted the Rangers Colin Meloy for some harmonies. However, these partnerships are part of the fabric of music, not in a bright way. He remembers everything requires a quiet contemplation. The crisp tones of ver The Only Thing Worth Fighting For Th serve as an opening point for the album. Reverb's waves provide a counterpoint that glows into the quiet and demanding presence of Cash. Among these misty guitars and muffled rhythms, Cash wandered in the wreckage of a relationship, making love worth fighting. This tension in both music and mind, He remembers everything.

The challenge of maintaining relationships with ages is an important theme for this 48 minutes. This is not limited to romantic partnerships. The glorious anlam Everyone But Me lu begins to understand the narrator in the absence of his separated parents. This is a situation in which Cash & # 39; s own story and, of course, many people share similarities. Neither this nor the long-term romance should be read as an autobiography, mixing the essence of ”Not Too Much to Go Ne. These are short stories such as bunlar 8 Gods of Harlems an or any of these songs. He remembers everything collectively a collection of miniatures that draw a vivid, memorable portrait of life's blessings and decay.

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