Wednesday , September 28 2022

“On My Block” Star and Director Paula Garcés’ Comic Book Superhero Coming to PlayStation®4 and Xbox One from Digiart Interactive


BUBANK, California–(WORK TEL)–Digiart Interactive announced Aluna: Sentry of the Pieces coming soon to PlayStation®4 and Xbox One. Created by actress, producer and director Paula Garcés, this flamboyant, story-driven action RPG features the Latino demigod Aluna. The lead character starred in a comic book series co-written by award-winning writers. Assassin’s Creed and Batman arkham origins.

“We actually created the character of Aluna to avoid the lack and misrepresentation of Hispanic women in pop culture,” Garcés says. “It took off like a wildfire, so we started the comic and the next step was a video game. Latin American culture has so much variety and depth, there are hundreds of exciting stories to tell.”

Inside Aluna: Sentry of the PiecesYou play as Aluna, who defends a mystical piece that contains the power of the world. Mystical fragments from the heavens are raining down on the earth, challenging both time and space. As a child, Aluna was given the strongest of these parts, which is said to contain the heart of her mother, the goddess Pachamama. Circumstances force Aluna to leave her home and go to the New World and fulfill her destiny, but an evil force also tries to fulfill theirs. Aluna’s past is shaping her future, and her enemies will do anything to steal the piece and take control of the world.

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About Digiart Interactive

Digiart Interactive It is a Minority-owned video game Publishing and Development company based in New York and Los Angeles. We have an eclectic creative Award Winning team from all aspects of the Entertainment industry to help bring an enjoyable gaming experience to everyone.

About Paula Garces

Colombian-American actress/producer/director Paula Garcés returns as the brash and loving mother “Geny” for season 4 of NETFLIX’s original hit comedy series ON MY BLOCK, making her directorial debut in the series’ final season. For more of Paula’s work in television, film, and popular culture, visit

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