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Friday , September 24 2021

Lorde Shares Stoned’s Rooftop Performance at Nail Salon

lord He continues the media bombardment ahead of his highly anticipated second album, solar energy, will be released on August 20.

The latest clip is seen performing the New Zealand singer-songwriter’s latest single “Stoned at the Nail Salon” on the roof of the famed Electric Lady Studios in New York City with frequent collaborator Jack Antonoff.

This marks the duo’s second loft set after their “Solar Power” rooftop performance on a much windier day at the top of Electric Lady Studios.

Lorde gives an emotional performance of the folks single, while the sun-spotted, intimate performance sees the duo with just an electric guitar and a microphone.

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Always a lyrical mind, Lorde presents some of her best work to date in “Stoned,” singing “There’s a swing drying up on my kitchen window sill/In case I wake up and find out I’ve chosen wrong.”

Lorde shared her thoughts on the new track when it debuted on July 21:

“This song is a kind of rumination about getting older, settling into home life, and questioning whether you’re making the right decisions. I think a lot of people around my age are starting to ask themselves these questions, and it was a relief to write them down in the hopes that they would resonate with others. I used this song as a dumpster for so much thought…”

The alt-pop singer first sang Late Night with Seth Meyers, when a full show takes over and joins Meyers for a very special episode of Seth’s signature episode of “Day Drinking.”

She has also recently appeared in the popular web series. hot ones, where he takes the hot seat (literally and figuratively) while answering questions about his new album and takes on an increasingly spicy array of chicken wings.

“I thought of the album as basically a sun-worshipping album,” Lorde said of Solar Power on the show. “I am by no means religious, but my experience in nature over the past few years has been as close to what I have experienced in religion as it is in religion, so it was kind of like a devotional record for me.”

solar energy It comes out on August 20 and is available for pre-order.

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