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Kate Middleton: Duchess of Cambridge at Meghan Markle Memorial | Royal | News

The event, organized to commemorate Britain's dying war, is held annually at the Royal Albert Hall. The Bateau collars have been associated with Meghan Markle, leading to speculation that dress selection may have been designed as a tribute.

The remembrance is the first public appearance of the two Duchesses since Prince Harry confessed to an ITV documentary in which he and Prince William grew slightly apart.

Kate wore a dark navy blue dress wrapped around her waist with a smart black belt.

The dress was a collar collar, a design option often chosen by Meghan.

The outfit was accompanied by a black headband and Jimmy Choo black velvet pumps.

Three red poppy dresses, which were the news of those who died in the British armed forces, were attached.

Prince William also wore a poppy attached to his dark suit adorned with two medals.

Meghan was wearing a black dress with floral ornaments.

He had a wide black belt around his waist and was tied with three buttons on the front.

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Last night's meeting was the first public engagement involving Kate and Meghan since she touched her relationship with a provocative ITV drama.

The program focused on Meghan and Harry's visit to southern Africa in September.

While both kings visited South Africa, Harry continued to make solo visits to Angola, Malawi and Botswana.

During the documentary, Harry confessed that there were "good times and bad times" with Prince William.

A partial friction between the two brothers has been reported for some time, with the households separated to form two separate teams earlier this year.

But Harry was eager to emphasize that he and William loved each other very much.

"We are brothers. We'il always be brothers.

Iz We're definitely on different paths right now, but I'll always be there for me because I know you'll always be there for me. ”

Prince Harry also admitted that it required a deep skin to become a royal.

Ası It's part of the job and part of any job, touching a bold face and turning cheeks into many things.

“All we have to do is focus on being real, standing up for the people we are and what we believe in.”

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