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Jason Blum Anti-Trump Booed Off Stage for


21:36 PST 11/6/2018


David Caspi

Get Out & # 39; and & # 39; Halloween & # 39; The producers were awarded the Film and Television Award at the group's event.

Film and television producer Jason Blum was staged and physically dismissed on Tuesday night after making controversial political statements in a speech at the 32nd Israel Film Festival.

Oscar nominee producer Receive Out and available Halloween He was presented with the IFF Achievement Award of the Film and Television Award for 2018 and suggested that the recent anti-Semitism uptick could be attributed to President Donald Trump.

Uz We have a lot to celebrate the opening of the 32nd Israel Film Festival tonight, but at the same time today Americans went to the polls to use our right to vote, I checked my phone silently and we're working very well. The election results are pouring out when I speak and there is even a lot. "Said. Blum, in which various audiences are “depending on who they are Çeşitli.

Di There are a lot, the last two years, as citizens of this country, it was hard for all of us to feed freedom, özgür Blum went on, directing boos towards him.

Isch The best thing about this country is that you love Trump, but I don't need it, and I can tell you how I feel about it – and I don't like it! Şey as several people answered, iyi Steve Tisch Cinema Center in Beverly Hills & # 39 from the Saban theater began to leave.

Blum became more aggressive, shouting and shouting, trying to shout.

Ğ As you can see from this auditorium, this is the end of civil discourse, “Blum continued. Düşman We have a president who calls the people the enemy of the press. Thanks to the president, anti-Semitism is rising. "

As a man approaching the scene, Blum tried to talk more and aggressively attempted to download Blum. He was described as Yossi Dina, an Israeli pawnbroker, who played a reality show called Beverly Hills Pawn.

More and more people began to intervene, and dozens left the auditorium to protest Blum's departure from the stage.

"Our experience is an unfortunate event, a lack of democracy and freedom of expression," said Noa Tishby, an Israeli actor and Treatment Production. Inin I was upset by the response of the audience to the critical criticism of Jason Blum on the stage. He had to be respectable. I want to apologize for Jason on behalf of Israeli society. There were a lot more people in the audience who supported what they said Din.

Security was further strengthened by the annual event, which will take place 10 days after the massacre of the Jewish synagogue in Pittsburgh, including many metal detectors and armed police.

Later on Tuesday, Blum tweeted “Well, we went to some haystack tonight. Daha

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