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Intercontinental Exchange: New High, ICE Stock in Purchasing Region


Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) stands out as a stock in the middle of turbulence for large indices. When ICE is traded in the stock trading zone and reaches the highest level of all time, it triggers the bullish indicator.


Ice Stock Action

On October 31, ICE stocks jumped the heavy tonnage at 5.4% after recovering the 50-day heavy tonnage and reporting gains. These shares helped climb the right-hand side of a trophy with a purchase point of 78.58. On Friday afternoon, ICE traded at over 3% of this convenient purchase point.

The sound of the actual breakout day on November 5 was not strong, which is not ideal. However, the relative power line of the ICE stock is the highest level of all time. Even before the ICE stock left the base, the RS line was as high as at the start of the base. This last move is a technical indicator on the rise, as it measures the price performance of the line according to the S & P 500.

Ice stocks have increased by 80% in the last four years. With a steady climb during this time, the stock of ICE consistently built bases along the runway.

Basics of Intercontinental Change

Intercontinental Exchange operates global stock exchanges and clearing houses. It also sells focused data services on futures and options for energy, commodities and other asset classes.

Analysts expect annual earnings per share to rise to $ 3.55 in 2017, up 20% from 6% growth. Third-quarter earnings rose 16% to 85 cents. Revenue also beat the view.

In the 3rd quarter of Intercontinental Exchange in October, CEO Jeff Sprecher discussed future growth paths. Sprecher, "Technology knowledge and expertise to bring transparency and efficiency in the market to implement the mission, since the day we are carrying out a workbook." Said.

"And we see the opportunity to implement this plan not only in fixed-income markets, but also in areas such as mortgages and digital assets."


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