Tuesday , December 1 2020

Goa, Israel Air Connection Coming Soon

The flight link will not mention the 25-year India-Israel relationship. (File)


There will be a direct connection between Israel and Tel Aviv and India's tourism center, Goa, to establish strong ties between the two countries, where diplomatic relations for 25 years have been completed in 2017.

Israel's consul general in Mumbai, Mr. Ya, akov Finkelstein, Israel's 49th International Film Festival (IFFI) made a statement at the opening ceremony.

"Shalom and Namaskar. It is a great honor and happiness that Israel is a country of focus in IFFI. Israelis, especially Israelis, love Israel. Israel Airlines (El Al) from Tel Aviv Bilir Soon, all Israelis can go directly to the beautiful beaches of Goa and enjoy them, Pan he said. Finkelstein.

He hoped that the tourist flow would take place in two ways.

"We hope these planes will return to Tel Aviv, which is full of Indian tourists to see the scenes."

In January this year, India-Israel relations took a disaster with the visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to India. More than one agreement was signed to increase cooperation.

Shalom Bollywood hosted a glimpse of the possibilities of their collaboration and invited Indian film producers to shoot in the picturesque country.

Mr. Finkelstein said: "We love India, we love Goa, we love Indian cinema, so when PM Netanyahu visits Mumbai in January, all the stars, producers and members of Bollywood We've done a special event in Shalom Bollywood. Netanyahu for a nice evening.

"We invited them to the movies in Israel. We saw Karan Johar's Dharma Productions as part of the film '' Off the Coast of Tel Aviv. This is what we hope to come to other Indian filmmakers and shoot them in our beautiful country."

To curate a package of 10 Israeli films for the davet Focus in Country özel section and to invite a special delegation, including senior director Dan Wolman, who received the Lifetime Achievement Award on IFFI on Tuesday. He praised the work of the Ministry of Information and Publication.

"We have some good films and this is a great way to expose our culture," Finkelstein said. Said.

Other known films are Academy Award nominees "Footnote" and "Walash with Bashir" and internationally "The Bubble".

The new films to be screened are "Unorthodox", "Red Cow", "Working Woman", "Longing", "Redemption" and "Shalom Bollywood: The Untold Story of Indian Cinema".

Finally, Mr. Finkelstein reiterated the hope of the hopeless Bollywood megastar Mr. Amitabh Bachchan during Netanyahu's visit: 39 We can further strengthen the power of the linkages between cinema and India and Israel. Son

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