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Five things we learned from the visit of Yotam Ottolenghi to Fat Pasha


Chef Yotam Ottolenghi cannot be followed only by a cult for his restaurants in England. Guardand many of his most recent cookbooks, Ottolenghi Simple. During the weekend, he passed through Toronto, making the crowd captivated by conversations and book signatures in the city. But died The brunch sold in Fat Pasha fans feasting at a dinner with recipes and recipes Ottolenghi Simplemade by Sisman Pasha team. Here are the five things we learned from him.

She Loves Toronto

Ottolenghi, who has visited our city many times for book trips, says he gets the best income from Toronto fans. ”It's a big city but it also feels like a little thing, because every place we go, everyone seems to know each other.“

Ottolenghi signed copies of the new cookbook for fans.

The Toronto restaurants had great meals.

Especially on this trip, the most affected Aloette, Patrick Krissants charming restaurant, is a few floors under his curious sister Alo.

It's very close to Toronto's own Bonnie Stern.

In addition to participating in the talk, George Brown College, the city's popular writer and kitchen expert, Ottolenghi spent the last afternoon touring the town with a woman whom he called the katıl Canadian Godmother Kent. Josoereces on Avenue Road will end with a visit. It was Stern who first introduced Ottolenghi to Anthony Rose.

Ottolenghi, with his ad Canadian godmother Ott.

Ottolenghi inspired the creation of Fat Pasha

Anthony Rose confessed that Ottolenghi and many cookbooks had influenced Gul's restaurants, especially Fat Pasha.

Rose made the chicken liver dish from Fat Pasha for Ottolenghi only.

In contrast, Rose and Sons' inspiration for French toast Ottolenghi with cream cheese.

In After the stop of Toronto JerusalemBonnie took me to Rose and Sons and I flew away with the food I had. Was very good. I liked it." In fact, the restaurant's creamed cheese stuffed French toast was inspired by Ottolenghi to create a similar recipe in his cooking book. More.

More picture Ottolenghi Simple Brunch

Here is a special meal menu:

Prepared by Fat Pasha

The mixed appetizer plate featured pizza bianca with potatoes, anchovies and sage; cauliflower and pistachio salad; Roasted eggplant with roasted yogurt; Hot, charred cherry tomatoes with cold yogurt; and Muhammara with lima bean paste:

We got Ottolenghi to do something on their own:

Here is his shot:

In the second course, there was also a sirloin of basil salad, harissa and garlic potatoes with garlic, garlic with tahini and zaarmatar and chopped salad:

The sweet and salty cheesecake with sweet cherries was a yield:

Here, together with Rose Ottolenghi, each holding the other cook's new cookbook:

Ottolenghi and Rose.

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