Friday , May 20 2022

Craig Wright, Defender of the Satoshi Vision in the Social Media War


Craig Wright, an Australian programmer for the creation of a new cryptocurrency, threatened to cut the price of Bitcoin.

Added a building demolition clip for good effect.

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The Cryptocurrency market actually crashed yesterday and brought Bitcoin at its lowest price since November 2017. Bitcoin Cash was suffering almost the same way.


You can attribute this collapse to an upcoming chapter in the Bitcoin Cash blockchain where Wright is closely linked. Mati Greenspan, an analyst at EToro, said: söyl This Bitcoin Cash hard fork was one of a soap opera. Many people who are as entertaining as to watch, will have a sigh of relief when credits are rolled and the conflict is over. "

Soap opera

Wright directs the birth of ion Bitcoin Satoshi Vision et, the name of Bitcoin Cash, which Satoshi Nakamoto claims to fulfill. Wright started this issue because it doesn't accept the terms of an upcoming update by Bitcoin Cash, the main development team (ABC).

Funding Magnate past technical differences between Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Satoshi Vision; The important thing here is the hostility between the two sides. Bitcoin Cash itself is a Bitcoin spin and former advocates are known to show bitcoin to the latter, claiming that Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin because it closely follows the original white paper.

In this sense, history repeats itself. Different parties have declared Bitcoin SV or Bitcoin Cash. The two largest crypto-currency exchanges in the world (Binance and OKEx) have seized counterparties; the others support both.

The CEO of a Bitcoin Cash-advocacy website called has decided to work with Bitcoin ABC recently, Roger Ver. In response, Wright sent him this email:

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If you are curious about the line ild Ben Satoshi ece, this is not a psychotic break, regardless of how it can be read. Wright claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto in 2016. He proved once again that Wright was a wheelbarrow where he once achieved academic achievements on a real trolley, achieving academic success.

Of course, what can be said about Wright is that he takes these things personally.

In the video below, Ver shows shock and sadness from Australia's profanity.

Surprisingly, Ver did not resist the peculiar meltdown experienced in the past when he encountered someone who disagreed with Satoshi's vision.

Who will rule who?

Time will show us. According to Coin Dance, Bitcoin SV is currently attracting a great majority of the hash power:


On the other hand, Bitcoin Cash ABC has quite a few users:


BitMEX research head Jonathan Bier said Bloomberg: Gibi The chain will be divided in two, but the economy will support the ABC and reject the SV Bit (Vision of Satoshi ”).

In both cases, market commentators agree that the market collapse will be short-lived. DeVere CEO, Nigel Green, ForbesAr The sudden drop in Bitcoin value will protect many investors – the date will be temporary and this will be temporary and the prices have recovered quite quickly:

Said Greenspan: ileri One thing that needs attention is a potential change by some Bitcoin miners who can support one of the new Bitcoin Cash projects. Even so, Bitcoin will likely still have more power power to maintain the network's security. In the midst of this epic, the hard fork can turn a number of traders completely separated from Bitcoin Cash into the arms of their main asset, Bitcoin. You can only hope for a quick solution to drama. "

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