Sunday , December 6 2020

Consulate of the RT journalist in Israel in Boston: You'll be embarrassed to Americans and Jews everywhere – US News

An Istanbul Consulate in Boston tweeted critics that an American news agency was criticizing the way it climbed the Gaza Strip last week, sending a Jewish journalist hostile messages on Twitter.

Dan Cohen, who works for RT America, a TV channel funded by the Russian government, said the Associated Press "bleached the crimes of Israel" and claimed that this was despite the fact that Israeli weapons were directed to an AP. Journalist in Gaza.

Cohen's criticism of the AP was shared on social media by pro-Palestinian activists. Following the release of Cohen's tweet and sharing, Cohen said he was receiving special messages from his official Twitter account in Boston about being "a disgrace to the Americans and Jews everywhere".

When looking at the pro-Palestinian electronic Intifada website, another message sent from the consulate reads: "Retweeted by the founder of ElectronicIntifada, you should feel like cognitive mismatch, huh?"

In Jerusalem, Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon responded to the Haaretz investigation, calling "false and inappropriate behavior" messages from the consulate and adding: [consulate] and to avoid such a discourse of nature. "

Subsequently, the consulate tweeted that "the message is now sent by a former employee working in the consulate and that he inadvertently sent this message from the account of the consulate rather than his personal account".

The private messages received from the consulate were published on the Moscow-based RT website, which set the retweet of Cohen from Ali Abunimah, one of the founders of the electronic Intifada web site, an independent online publication covering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. .

The Associated Press said that Rashed Rashid, one of its journalists this week, was shot in the leg on Monday when he was taking a show on the Gaza Strip on the Israeli border, and that he was far from the protesters and was wearing a protector. Vest with the world "PRESS" on it.

"His colleagues said they came from the Israeli border. The Israeli army said he was investigating the case," the AP report said.

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