Saturday , July 31 2021

& # 39; Try not to be here: Latin American Jews blamed Roger Waters with BDS support – Americas

The Jewish institutions in Argentina have launched a campaign against former Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, for their support of the boycott Israeli movement.

Waters' ’Us + Them ediy tour will travel to Latin America last month and will continue until December.

The Argentine Zionist Organization's online campaign calls on local residents to reject the British singer's presence and upcoming concerts. The campaign calls Waters ız one of the great anti-Semites of our time Sem to protest what it calls hate speech.

. We are Latin Americans, Roger Waters – if we weren't here, olmas he says in his campaign – adding burada Wish You Were Here olmas by Pink Floyd.

Officials from the Simon Wiesenthal Center officials called company sponsors such as Entel, Cencosud, Grupo Aval and Bac Credomatic y Citibanamex to get back their financial support. The center also claimed that Latin American hosts in Waters had to abuse their hospitality and hate messages.

On Friday, Waters joined the Boycott, Orphans and Sanctions movement, which targeted Israel in Buenos Aires the day before it was held that day.

. We must insist on local governments to press Israel in favor of the human rights of the Palestinians, altına said BDS Argentina.

Their show shows the waters, a pig with a star of David.

He established a link between the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the medieval anti-Semites, who used an iconography with a Jewish boar or Judensau to humiliate Jews or Jews.

In a central expression, Merkezi 21. Using this symbol, which was processed by the technology of the century, Waters contributed to the anti-Semitic hate sequence. yüzyıl

Işlet Urges Argentina and Uruguay to introduce BDS – Boycott, Law, Sanctions – European judiciary on the Boy Kaufen nicht bei Juden Arjantin screams about Jewish shops and businesses in Nazi Germany declared illegitimate in most of their fields. In a statement Friday, the Director of International Affairs of Wiesenthal Center Shimon Samuels, 39 No Purchase from Jews. Cuma Ön The timing of the hate tour has led to the 80th anniversary of ık Kristallnacht) today.

Yaz In Germany and Austria, 1,500 synagogues were burned and 30,000 Jews were sent to concentration camps, 1.5 wrote the pogroms.

Samuels said Waters must “be seen as a non-personal role in all democratic countries. Sam

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