Tuesday , May 17 2022

14 funny winners from this year's Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards


Each year, the Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards draws pictures of nature, providing some accidental humor at its own expense.

2018 is not different.

Forty-one finalists in eight categories were filmed with a total of only 14 winners and highly acclaimed photographs and a video.

The winners of this year are spreading from a wide range of dancing bears to dizzying owls, and they are all very funny.

The winning overall award was given to Mary McGowan for her work n Caught on the Player ’, a squirrel that surprised the Affinity People & # 39; s Choice Award and Alex Walker's Creation Prize for Creatures.

The contest is working to promote the protection of wildlife with a positive and fun message as well as the Born Free Foundation.

Scroll down to see the hysterical winners of this year's contest.

General winner: By Mary McGowan "Caught In The Law"

The photo was also the winner of Alex Walker's Landan Award-winning Sharia Creatures and the Affinity Photo People's Choice Award. In Kenya, McGowan will buy a safari, a handmade trophy of handicapped workers from Wonder Workshop in Tanzania and the camera bag of THINK TANK for their victories.

Under the Sea Prize winner: Tanya Houppermans' Blue Smiling Blue Shark Deniz

Spectrum Photo Air Award Winners: Ke Peek-a-boo an, by Shane Keena

Junior Category winner: Arshdeep Singh calls for: Nature Call Gençler

The Incredible Internet Portfolio Award winner: Valtteri Mulkahainen's esi Mother from School Back to School Meeting Ödül

High Commissioner: ie Wildlife PhotograBear: Roie Galitz

High Comfort: Wat Tango T by Michael Watts

High Commissioner: Coastal Brown Bear Puppy with Hea Headache by Danielle D KıyıErmo Yüksek

High Commissioner: ki So much so that Barney Koszalka

Extremely Compliments: Jonath Drive Safe Ö by Jonathan Irish

High Commissioner: ’This is Sparta‘, Sergey Savvi

High Commissioner: T Martian Tango ‘Sergey Savvi

High Commissioner: all Rhinopeacock ac by Kallol Mukherjee

Much Loved: "Partitions" by Geert Weggen

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