Saturday , July 31 2021

Sales of Zizzi's cards increased to £ 280 million

Chef Messaadia Imad is making pizza as Zizzi's Salisbury restaurant.
Chef Messaadia Imad is making pizza as Zizzi's Salisbury restaurant.

Zizzi and ASK, owner of Italian restaurants, showed strong sales growth for a year considering the expansion plans, but said that after absorbing higher costs, their profits are flat.

Azzurri Group's sales reached £ 279.8 million in July, up 8.5 percent year on year, with a similar growth between all brands.

Basic revenues fell from 14.5% to 13.2% and remained at £ 37 million.

The keynote speaker, Steve Holmes, told the Press Association that “it's a very tough year in terms of cost Basın.

”Today the consumer is looking for great value,“ he said.

”That's why we're very cautious that we've worked hard to increase prices and compensate for most of these costs.“

The group, which also owns the Coco di Mama and Radio Alice brands – this year, with a few restaurant groups, there are 290 branches that they plan to open further in the coming years despite a challenging ground.

Millennials eat a bit more food, especially in places that offer experiences
Chief Executive Steve Holmes

In Ireland, Zizzi could have gone abroad after a successful start in which a third region would open until the end of 2018.

Meanwhile, the coffee and pasta chain is set to open more sites in Coco di Mama, London.

Zizzi's Salisbury branch reopened last week, eight months after he was poisoned by former Russian intelligence agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia.

Mr. Holmes said the restaurant has been "too busy" since it was reopened.

He spent a tough year experiencing restaurant chains, food inflation, rising rents and rates, and tough competition.

Jamie's other Italian chains, such as Italian and Prezzo, closed down low-performing stores to improve trade.

Commenting on the current market, Mr. Holmes said: ler My view is that the market fundamentals are quite strong, especially in places that provide experience, a little more than millennia.

Var There are winners and losers. The winners are interesting, relevant and offer different propositions. "

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