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Rory Cowan would like to thank him for the Irish sun by laughing at him during the week he buried his beloved mother.


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Old Lady Brown 's Boys star at the beginning of the week after the brutal war of words that broke out again with Twink on weekends.

RORY Cowan thanked the Irish Sun for a laugh at her during the week she buried her beloved mother.

He took part in the weekends, after the bitter battle of the words of former Ms. Brown's Boys, who broke out at Twink on the weekends.

TV star Rory Cowan

Crispin Rodwell – Sun Dublin

TV star Rory Cowan

Showbiz dame – real name Adele King – On Thursday, Cowan's mother went to her funeral for Esther. But the secondary player had him packaged.

Rory spoke to the Irish Sun about the explosive line between the stars of the panto and confessed that our front page allowed him a much-needed chuckle.

Tweet: beni The newspaper's baş Behind Me in title made me laugh.

“I needed something to cheer me up after the week I was in. Thanks @KenSweeney and @IrishSunOnline xx. "

Adele King at the funeral of Esther Cowan

Crispin Rodwell – Sun Dublin

Adele King "Twink" at Esther Cowan's funeral

Cowan also used the funeral to use his old friend's funeral and insisted that he would never bury the booty.

When asked by Irish sun about his special stories this week, he told a fan: ’They're true. She and I were not friends after the nasty things she said about me in the past, and then she decided that we would be friends again (no chance) and thought she would use my mother's funeral to do it. . "

Rory, 59, strongly objected to the claim that he recognized Twink's late mother, adding that Esther did not have time for her.

Twink told us, ğ At this funeral I stood up to support an old friend who had already thrown my teeth away. But what happened? He threw my teeth all the way to the back of my head. "

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