Wednesday , October 20 2021

Records for new apprenticeship programs since 2016 reach only a third of the target


The increase in the number of careers available through apprenticeships is not matched by an increase in interest in opportunities.

The figures presented to TDs and senators show that the 17 apprenticeship programs implemented in the last two years are only one third of the target set in 2016.

More traditional apprenticeship saw stronger growth than new programs.

This year it is anticipated that 6,200 new registrations should be made in apprenticeship training annually and 25 new programs are expected to be opened to people interested in the win-win learning route as an alternative to the third party. level or further training.

However, the data given to the Oireachtas Education Committee by the advanced education and training agency SOLAS shows that the total records for apprenticeship training were 4,530 or 73% of the target set two years ago. However, since the traditional craft apprenticeships in the electricity, construction, engine and engineering sectors have a stronger growth, total masks indicate that new apprenticeships will disappoint.

Instead of about 1,500, there were only 509 new registrations in 17 new apprenticeships.

The recruitment of employers and difficulties in finding suitable candidates for new programs has contributed to a slow start following efforts to expand the scope of apprenticeship training over the past five years.

About 170 new apprentices and 127 hospitality in the financial sector are in conflict with only 12 new registrations with eight employers offering bio-drug apprentices this year.

Independent senator Lynn Ruane said that the middle class and upper class are one of the few areas where people are underrepresented, bringing the class element into the apprenticeship.

From the approach he described as ı quite middle class leri to a school, he had approaches that employees wanted to know how to make their apprentices attractive to students.

In addition to the social background of the parents of the people who participated in the new apprenticeships, they also made an effort to address only 2% of the places where the female participants took:

Mış If too concentrated [disadvantaged] schools and more working-class communities, what can we do to streamline this playground? It should be a valid option for more than just a specific class. "

Phil O & # 39; Flaherty, deputy director of education, said that, in addition to offering people a wider range of opportunities, apprenticeship training is aimed at offering a broader range of options available.

She said that there are efforts to build craft apprenticeships on the issue of gender, and that an ongoing campaign is trying to ensure that young women play a role in the engineering, construction and motor industries.[There are] There are a lot of people who will be interested in taking part in some new apprenticeships, but who are struggling to get enough room for employers.

"And [there are] employer interest is intense but other [potential apprentices]. "

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