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Pete Dohertyisis pet is in Huskies Hus the wild neighbour's cat is dead P


Pete is accused of watching her dogs kill her neighbor's cat this week (Picture: Facebook / Dalby Cafe).

Pete Doherty is accused of accusing the pet of alleging that Huskies allegedly "fend off" his death to a neighbor's cat.

Witnesses say they saw the Babyshambles singer with their Siberian dogs on Monday morning at 9 am while the attack was said to have taken place.

Rock 's neighbor, Penny Ward, said his eight – year – old cat, Archie, was dragged like a rag doll for 10 minutes.

Penny, a retired nurse, told Sun: ire He wasn't even bothered to come around and to apologize. It's disgusting because he has to buy such strong and aggressive dogs to pull his legs off.

When the attack occurred, Pete's Huskies' collar reportedly survived

He is responsible for Arch Archie's death. Could be a kid. Hopefully he is a better singer than a dog owner.

In 2010, he saved Archie's sadness with the loss of the 70-year-old, adding:

Aw Bad. I feel very sad. I have to be too busy to distract my mind. "

An anonymous witness says that the dogs initially blew their heads off with what they saw as a black liner, but when they looked more closely they realized they were a cat.

It was claimed that Pete should be questioned by the police about the incident.

Ord A dog was trying to pull the cat out of the other dog's mouth. Doherty calmed down even though the cat was barely alive. "

Another witness, Peter St George-Smith, shouted, köp Keep him in control, damn dogs. “ He took no responsibility. "

Bus driver Christopher Smith presented a similar account and said: dogs Dogs were throwing the cat like a bag.

Herty Doherty put one dog in his harness, and the other was not a bullet. I called him a wanker.

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According to the publication, Pete would be interrogated by police on Thursday night, but an expert believes that a crime has not been committed. has contacted Pete's representatives to contact him, but he was not able to access the event.

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