Saturday , May 21 2022

People who turn into smart speakers are offering declutter, research proposals


New research, smartphone users like Amazon Echo and Google Home, see technology as a way to lower and use fewer screens in their daily lives.

The number of people who use smart voice speakers almost doubled, the Reuters Institute says, which says that 10% of Britain uses it on a regular basis.

Consumers, smart speakers, especially in living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms, to replace the traditional radio in the house and radio broadcasts prefer to listen to live web streams, stating that they had the chance to break, he said.

Amazon Echo Sub
Amazon recently added Echo Sub to the queue (Amazon / PA)

Many have said that the sound is expected to be greatly altered by remote controls for television and other home appliances.

Ları These technologies are still at an early stage, ”says the author of the report, Sound of the Future and the Results of the News.

”We're going to use our voice more and more to control the devices and access the media, because this is much faster and more convenient than touch screens or remote controls.“

The research also showed that people saw smart speakers as an effective way of spending less time with screens, which sometimes helped them to get rid of Internet-related ailments.

Technical giants were silent about the number of smart speakers they sold, but the report's data, based on a survey by 1,000 British smart speakers, shows that Amazon Echo is currently under three-quarters of the market. (74%) followed by Google Home with a 14% and Sonos One supported by Alexa with 5%.

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