Tuesday , December 1 2020

New executive Mattie Kenny is perfectly suited for Dublin, insisting on Sean Moran

Sean Moran claims "crazy" Mattie Kenny is the right person who leads the successful Dublin – even if he has ended his extraordinary time with Cuala.

As Kenny is back on the club team where Cuala has returned to the All-Ireland team, Moran believes that Tony Wales is ual right for the Blues dü right now.

Kenny recently took over from hot-seater Pat Gilroy, after losing the football boss winning the All-Ireland in the directing race just a year later.

For Moran, it was not a surprise that Kenny's work did not prevent him from leaving after only 12 months due to Gilroy's work commitments.

Iyor He is always waiting for a challenge, M Moran said. "He could not hold anything against such a person.

"We succeeded him successfully with Cuala and look forward to being with Dublin.

“It's always about checking what they can control.

"When I called Pat, it was like unpredictable situations.

Uz He was very unfortunate, but we only focused on one year ago and we are trying to be successful.

Dü This position became available, and Mattie saw it as a new challenge he wanted to take.

Değil He doesn't owe us anything with Cuala. For the last few years he has been a great manager and a great coach.

"Everyone in Cuala is excited to have Mattie and his next challenge in his career."

Moran is eager to bring Kenny up to a renewed intensity after Gilroy's commitment after his mission.

In April, the AIB 's opening club returned to the center at the awards of the 23-year-old, "Angry," he said.

"She loves hurling and that really conveys to the players.

"So I am already waiting for children to work with Dublin and experience the passion for sports.

Ina It will really suit the Dublin jump.

“It's hard to put a finger on what he brings. But I think it's really just the passion, the love it has for the game. He's always focused on the launch.

. It has a strong background and it really coaches.

"There is a way to do things. And I can't wait to see it working with the installation of Dublin and I'm really excited to see the translation."

The loss of Cuala's income, of course, in Dublin.

The great run of the Southside club came to an end with the loss of Kilmacud Crokes in the Dublin semi-finals, and Ballyboden lost St Enda's decision.

For a change, Dublin's Cuala contender will participate in the pre-season business and league event with Blues after breaking three consecutive district championships.

"Not the one I want, but yes, I can't wait to get a season before the season, maybe I've matched a few more in Dublin," says Moran. I said.

“It doesn't hurt. The more you play with each other, the better you can understand each other's game.

"Yes, we are looking forward to a few games in the League and Walsh Cup in the next few months.

"We talked a lot about last year, and even if we fail to achieve our goals, we have established a good foundation.

“But we are looking forward. There is new management there. This is not a year of construction – it's not a rebuild.

"We're trying to move forward and stay where we left off".

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