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My son, 5, died with cancer after telling him in his mother's arms: "Sorry for that."

A five-year-old child said to his mother, sür I'm sorry for that, sonra before dying in her arms after a two-year cancer battle.

Brave Charlie Proctor had a liver transplant in 2016 after a rare tumor was diagnosed.

The brave struggle against the disease has taken over the heart of the country, including the United States' star Pink.

Their parents, Amber Schofield and Ben Proctor, launched an appeal to get a £ 855,580 raise for an operation for him in the US.

But at the weekend, Amber confirmed that his sons had taken their last breath.

Church, Accrington, Lancashire, the mother of the devil, Saturday night Charlie's picture of the angel wings published.

Charlie needed a liver transplant in 2016 after a rare diagnosis of the tumor was made.

Church, Accrington, Lancashire, Young
The church, from Accrington, Lancashire, "fell asleep peacefully"

Just a few hours ago, the young girl said, "Mom, I'm sorry for that."

Amber wrote: "23:14 my last friend last night, my world, Charlie, took his last breath.

"He fell asleep peacefully in his arms, with arms around him wrapped around his arms.

"Charlie, you gave me a chance to be a mother. Not only our greatest inspiration, but thousands of people around the world.

"You showed me what love really meant, Charlie. Now it's time to fly, I'm very, very proud of you. You've been such a hard fight. Baby, I'm going to miss you forever, baby I'm gonna miss, baby."

Brave Charlie apologized to his mom shortly before his death

Smiling Charlie With His Mother Amber Schofield

Gönder This will be the last photo I sent of Charlie.

"It gets worse as the days progress. It doesn't look like Charlie anymore. It's so weak that I can see and feel its little body, its face in its bones, every bone in its rolling eyes.

"My chunky baby went where. Congenital congestion! Weighed 9" to 11 pounds!

. It's our story.

Charlie celebrates his birthday with a funny grimace and a Pokeball

"Sad, tired, tired and fed up." I don't know what to do anymore.

U Charlie turned to me at one point, and the quietest, breathless voice, tekrar Mummy said, ”I'm so sorry for that, için she said, because she was upset because she wanted to move again and apologize for it?

Iyor Now I know that it feels like ”how“. My heart is broken: The child does not feel any emotion There is nothing Charlie feels. No child of the child should be careful to go slowly.

Ece Having to disrupt them in this way is the most painful thing everyone will feel. If Charlie's fate is gone, then the angels took him a few weeks ago before I suffered more.

Charlie's mother called on the parents to feed their children with time.

Brave Charlie died last week

"AFP is so high that the machine can no longer read it. The liver function is separate from Bilirubin, which has doubled the color of Charlie's skin to make it yellow.

Götür How can I miss it while I'm taking me with me? But I miss him, I just miss a conversation, I miss a painless hug, I miss him and I kiss him everywhere.

"I miss her smile, I know I will never see another smile from these pictures, I can never hear Charlie laughing. Please pray for a miracle ???????????????????? And I kiss them so much.

"You don't realize how lucky you are. We all live a life that has been accepted."

Charlie in his Spiderman pajamas

Last month, Charlie's family was told he had "two weeks, 366 hours" to live.

The young boy was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma, a rare tumor that started in the liver in February 2016.

Friends and family tried to save money to send America to life-saving treatment, but announced it would end last month.

Around £ 360,000 helped Charlie, including the singer Pink's £ 10,000 and a £ 5,000 donation from Umar Kamani, founder of Pretty Little Thing.

His family brought his sixth birthday up to a year and a half ago, so he could celebrate the milestone he wanted to reach.

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