Friday , August 19 2022

Mourinho, Juventus' fantastic & # 39; salutes the victory


Jose Mourinho, Manchester United manager Juventus fans in front of a great return after a great laugh after the players praised.

Cristiano brought Ronaldo's great volley to Juve to win, but he had visitors who were struck by a dramatic blow to admire the clash in the Champions League.

Juan Mata 's super-free kick sent four minutes of the time to the visitors wildly, but the best thing was that Ashley Young's free kick didn't come back, saying that Juventus waited for a final slum win by Alex Sandro. .

The 2-1 win is the unforgettable winner of United in Turin and increases hopes of getting out of the knockout rounds from the Group H & # 39; s.

Mourinho was the best team at Manchester United (2003), when Manchester United was the hero. Said.

"And they (Juventus) have been the best teams for years. They took that player (Ronaldo), they want to win everything, they can win everything and they're a team where many players don't play big games." This is in the Champions League.

"So it's a different situation, but a fantastic victory for us – it's not just about the points we lost at home, but a victory in feeling how well we play.

”And I think even if this game doesn't end with a victory, I'd have the feeling that the team was playing really well from the first minute – again – a super team.“

Mourinho captured the moment in the Allianz Stadium. He represented the high pitched treble in Inter Milan, responding just to the inflammatory cheers from the former Trafford fans and by removing three fingers, responding to the inflammatory cheers from the fans.

Mourinho said, şey Well, do you remember what they did to me? Well, the sign I made is not a crime, P he said.

"This is something more … I just wanted to hear them comment or hear again. Yes, I can't do it before I say it, but then I reacted."

He learned why Mourinho was "one night" in which he recreated "Maroone Fellaini".

When an exciting midfielder prevailed, he won a new life in the championship league campaign and a big rise before Sunday's derby in Manchester City.

Mourinho, "I think we played against Chelsea and Juventus this season, the best two teams we have played this season and both played very well," he said. "Both very good.

"We're lucky to win here at the last minute. We're unlucky to win in the last minute against Chelsea, but we played very well and that's what we want.

"We want to play well, we want to go to every stadium and we don't realize and play the team.

"If they are better than us, they win. If they have more potential than us, they win. If we make mistakes and pay for errors, we lose."

Lar But I feel that it doesn't matter where we're going, we're going to compete, and I think this is something that Manchester United fans around the world want – to turn on the TV and not the important place we play, they know we're going to compete.

"We're going to lose matches. Today we may lose, but we'll play, we try to win."

Juventus counterpart Massimiliano Allegri was naturally disillusioned after a late defeat in the home storm.

She said "embarrassing." "The team performed well, but they were never able to get to bed.

"There's always a risk when you're playing against the best teams. We give a lot of free kick in large and central areas.

"He said, we're still at the summit. We have two games left that we can use to make sure the group win and go to the last 16."

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