Sunday , May 22 2022

Mental health services are not available for people with disabilities


Health Minister Simon Harris & # 39; s brother, Adam Harris, will highlight the challenges people with intellectual disabilities, including autism, face when trying to access mental health services today to address a conference.

22-year-old Harris Harris, who was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome in his autism spectrum at the age of four and a half, said people with mental disabilities had failed at various levels in society, especially in access to health and employment.

They were particularly vulnerable in the field of mental health.

”People with autism, for example, cannot access Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services because the parade continues,“ he said.

Harris said people with autism who had a mental health crisis were ”excluded from CAMH un and were directed to in non-CAMH insanlar disabled services.

”That's why they often have to go for maintenance specifically,“ he said.

Mr. Harris, who will address the Praxis Care autumn conference at City North Hotel, Co Meath, said that there were difficulties in accessing psychiatrists and when children received special training in autism, adult workers did not do so. He said that all doctors should undergo such training.

Biz There is a certain cultural difficulty when it comes to autism in the medical world, it's not part of my bu skills “, but in fact we're just patients. We should be seen as a three-dimensional human being and put it in a box that everyone knows isn't aware of the same mental health crisis, herkes said Mr. Harris.

He said autistic people could struggle to gain access to GPs. According to a survey conducted by Asiam, an organization she founded in 2013 to educate and empower people with autism, one of the main reasons for looking at the doctor was that 70% of the respondents were unable to use the phone. . Sitting in the waiting room or talking to the doctor can prove to be an ordeal.

Progress has been made in the first and second level of education, where structured supports are generally applied, but only when people are işt out of the school system ancak, they are often unsuccessful in society, where they often cannot get jobs and have low access to employment. It is socially isolated which could lead to poor mental health.

Research shows that a person with a mental disability is two to three times more likely to develop a mental health problem than the general population.

Harris said that as an advocate for people with autism, he uncovered gaps in services with his brother, who said u I support and am proud of what I do. Harris

The publication of a review of the autism services where Asima offers a presentation is close. Mr. Harris said they wanted the National Autism Strategy backed by the law.

He said they would approach main political parties and ask them to include this request in their manifesto for the next general elections.

Praxis Care is a charity in Ireland that offers more than 1,500 personal disability, mental health and acquired brain damage services.

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