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Leonardo DiCaprio attended Beyonce and Rita Ora for birthday party

Leonardo DiCaprio celebrates his 44th birthday (Picture: FilmMagic)

Leonardo DiCaprio celebrated his turning at the age of 44 – by throwing a big birthday party.

And the Titanic actor joined some of the world's greatest names to commemorate his big day.

While our invitation went missing, she shared the night with Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Al Pacino and Jay-Z and Beyonce.

Naomi Campbell and Rita Ora also joined in while Robert DeNiro followed his epic SNL voice.

Leo combined with some big names for his birthday party (Image: Rex)

According to E & # 39; The news invited 500 lucky people to their big day – joined a small birthday dinner with 50 players.

In addition to partying with Leo, the broadcasting states also wrote on a big blue cake with the letter man L 44 Leo.

Leonardo began to occupy his 44th year, then announced that he would play in Killer of The Flower Moon, which reunited with director Martin Scorsese.

The film's adaptation by David Grann was founded in the 1920s and focuses on a community that explores the world's richest oil land.

Following the discovery, the Osage Nation members were killed one by one under suspicious circumstances, and those who dared to investigate the murders were killed. The newly created FBI then tackled the case in the hope of resolving the mystery.

That sounds pretty epic.

Brad Pitt Accompanied Leo in Hollywood Against Once (Picture: Sony)

He will also star in a remake of The Time In Hollywood, a film about the Charles Manson murders starring Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie.

Oscar & # 39; s actor, a short time ago with the emergence of Ronan Keating 's headline after a strange moment found.

Side note: Who was the Boyzone singer running in such cool circles?

During a conversation with News.com.au, Ronan announced that he once auditioned for New York City's Moulin Rouge, Baz Luhrmann & Leo and Ewan McGregor.

And the father of four, speaking about the audition, explained: New Baz Luhrmann brought me to New York and read it for the Moulin Rouge.

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Me Ewan, who took me to New York and took the concert, Leo, the three of us, three of whom could not find ourselves. "

Not going to Ewan McGregor is not a big deal, but a 41-year-old had a conversation with Leo and made things a little more strange.

He continued: We had not met Leo Leo a long time ago and we chatted too, in fact we were playing in Sydney, and he said, la Man, what about Leo Moulin Rouge? Fuck, I couldn't move! "

Şarkı He said, şarkı Ronan Ronan, you can't move, and I can't sing shit! ‘

Well, at least honestly Eh

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