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Leading Irish musician and composer Mícheál M Súilleabháin died at age 67


Micheal O & # 39; Suilleabhain pictured in 2011 with his sons Eoin and Moley (Photo: Gerry Mooney)
Micheal O & # 39; Suilleabhain pictured in 2011 with his sons Eoin and Moley (Photo: Gerry Mooney)

The prominent Irish musician and composer Mícheál che Súilleabháin died at the age of 67.

Clonmel, Co clerk at Tipperary, Professor of Music at the University of Limerick and founder and director of the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance.

She collaborated with the RTE orchestra, and the publisher said she was celebrated for geleneksel the fusion of traditional Irish music, especially with her traditional style of playing the piano RT.

Last night, he passed away at Milford Hospice in Limerick.

Many well-known musicians and academics, students and fans of the University of Limerick praised the musician online.

Orchestra musician Liam Lawton paid tribute; "Tonight, one of the great legends of Irish music, went to the infinite reward.

Micheal O Suilleabhain was a unique artist who brought together a large number of Irish music pieces.

"His vision and his talent have created a path that most of us have traveled for years, but no one could imitate the gift that he was Suilleabhain. His music was a niche to be remembered after all of us."

The Irish Chamber Orchestra wrote; Ple With a heavy heart in the ICO we learn the passage of Mícheál O Suilleabhain, the musician, the composer, the leader and the great friend.

Ası Mícheál was instrumental in the transport of the orchestra to Limerick, and in fact the ICO is an integral part of the Irish World Academy, founded by Mícheál.

"We extend our deepest symptoms to the terrible losses of Helen, Eoin, Moley, Luke and Noirin. May he rest in peace."

Tipperary County Council Member Siobhan Ambrose described O & # 39; Suilleabháin as "Irish musician, performer and composer".

Wrote; "With one of the most famous sons of Klonmels, Michelan, with great sadness that I have heard one of Suilleabháin.

"Tonight he died in the hospice of Milford Darülace … Michelan was a very proud Clonmel man."

A spokesman for the University of Limerick paid tribute to Mr Suilleabhain, saying that after his death he had "tremendous sadness".

He said: 39 Súilleabháin has left a rich legacy with its own music, but also founded the Academy, which draws students from more than 50 countries enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs in Music Therapy, Contemporary Dance Performance, Irish Traditional Dance Performance, and Society. Music, Festivals, Irish Traditional Music Performance, Classical Series Performance, Ethnomusicology and others.

From Dublin, the Irish Chamber Orchestra was highly influential in moving to its current home at the University of Limerick.

"Awards, University College Cork, (2005) and the Royal Conservatory of Scotland (2017), Ollamh na hÉigse (Honorary Alumnus Award for the opening award by Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann in 2006) and He" Irish Studies from the University of Notre Dame Donnell (2012).

University College studied at Cork University (B.Mus.1972, MA 1973) with composers Aloys Fleischmann and Seán án Riada and at Queens University Belfast (PhD 1987) with ethnomusicologists John Blacking and John Baily.

He has produced a number of CD recordings on the Irish traditional musicians in Shetland Islands, Donegal, Cape Breton Island and the United States and England in the United States, England and Ireland. "

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