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Last: Call for better security measures after the death of Dublin docker


Update 12.50pm: There are calls for better security measures for dockers following a fatal accident in Dublin Harbor.

Philippine sailor Dennis Gomez Regana died in an incident in Southbank Quay yesterday.

It says there's a third tragedy in the harbor in 18 months.

"It is the result of the tragedy in Dublin harbor, the third in 18 months, the fact that the relevant authorities, including the owners, agents and operators, are not listening to or listening to the warnings of our members or have not implemented the best practice." said.

The union said the port authorities did not pay attention to safety warnings.

He wants mandatory safety training for all harbor workers, such as the Safe Pass system used on construction sites.

"The only way to eliminate or at least minimize subsequent events is to start a certified training program for seafarers. A Secure Passage Certificate, similar to the one used in the Irish construction industry, should also be replaced for all pools.

"We call on the Minister of Transport and the ministry to meet with trade union representatives to ensure that these measures are presented as a matter of urgency."

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Previously: accident in the workplace at Gardaí Dublin suddenly after death

Update 7.45m: Gardaí is investigating the sudden death of a man in a work accident in Dublin.

Yesterday morning at 8.45, emergency services were called to the Southbank Quay scene in Ringend.

The investigation of the incident was carried out by Gardaí and the research continues.

The Health and Safety Authority and the local Coroner were informed.

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