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Labor will block increase in pension age in government – Brendan Howlin

The eligibility age for receiving the State pension is due to rise to 67 in 2021 and to 68 in 2028.

However, speaking at the Labor Party's conference in Mullingar, Mr Howlin announced that he would block any attempt to increase the current State pension age of 66 if in government.

“Labor will campaign to increase the retirement age from 66 to 67 in 2021, for the duration of the next government. Needs He said.

“Ireland has the highest birth rate in the EU, we have record employment levels, and in the social insurance fund. 2020. There will be a census in 2021 that will shed more light on our population growth, ”he added.

Mr Howlin also said the Labor Party would push for a house.

The Wexford TD said he would also set up a € 2b climate action fund drive to drive the necessary economic change.

Var Leo Varadkar has talked about warmer winters being a ‘benefit climate of climate change,” he added.

Shows This shows either incredible ignorance or else serious contempt for science. It’s certainly an insult for those already suffering across the globe. ”

Mr Howlin also called for more investment in Bord na Mona, ESB and Coillte, especially in the midlands “where Fine Gael has let good jobs fall away”.

He told party members that Var new toxic racism ”had entered politics and accused Mr Varadkar of sending“ mixed messages, at best ”on issues relating to discrimination.

“From protests against asylum seekers, through to a presidential candidate making disparaging comments about Travelers – longstanding taboos have been broken,” he said.

The Labor Party would also ban political advertising on election campaigns.

“Twitter has stopped political advertising. And Labor would ban political advertising during elections, including on Facebook and Instagram, How Mr Howlin said.

He also said the Government should “properly fund public service broadcasting” and added that they should “maintain a vibrant, independent RTE”.

Mr Howlin said that the country needed a new economic strategy, which would see carbon taken out of our economy, dependence on foreign investment.

“Our current economic model is not delivering for everyone,” he said.

“Labor is committed to an economic model. European social democracy offers a real alternative.

“It works best in the Netherlands, Finland and Sweden. Let’s add Ireland to that list. ”

He also urged voters to back Labor Party in November 29th.

These include Labour's John Maher in Cork North-Central, Duncan Smith in Dublin Fingal, Joanna Tuffy in Dublin Mid-West, and George Lawlor in Wexford.

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