Wednesday , September 28 2022

‘I’m 73 years old and looking for a job – pension increase is not enough’


Retired Josephine Bow said a €5 increase in her state pension wouldn’t be enough and she’s looking for a job to cover her cost of living.

Bow (73) lives on the Dublin-Meath border and owns his own house. But she says she fails to realize that just because a retiree can own property doesn’t mean they have opportunities.

Josephine, who has osteoporosis of the spine, has admitted she’s on her own and doesn’t believe the Government will raise her pension enough.

That’s why he is actively looking for work. However, she believes she defies ageism and that people don’t want to hire someone older.

“I don’t want to be insulted by a fivefold increase in pension,” Bow said ahead of the 2022 Budget.

“I am looking for a job because I need more money. I feel strong enough to do something.

“And if I get a job, maybe then I can pay someone to mow the lawn. It’s hard work, a big garden.

“I put myself in some temporary exposure, but didn’t have any success.

“People are so good on the phone – then they don’t get back to you.”

He said: “I felt that groups of older people should lobby for 10 percent in pensions.

“The price of everything from energy bills to food has gone up. And retirees have not seen an increase in the budget for two years.

“If you live alone like me, you only have a pension you can count on.

“Some retirees have other money, but we shouldn’t all be put in the same box.

“I have expenses that I need to get around like a car. However, I recently had my car serviced and the mechanic discovered something wrong.

“I paid €792 for the repairs and I wasn’t expecting that. I have to pay someone to repair windows.

“And as I get older and weaker, I know I won’t be able to do all the work I need. I’ll have to pay someone to do them.

“I shouldn’t worry about it but I do. I think how do I deal when things need to be fixed, where will the money come from?”

Bow, a grandmother with two children, said life today is unrecognizable compared to 30 years ago.

“There’s a lot more expenses, including broadband and your phone, and they’re costing on a weekly basis,” he said.

“I don’t have Netflix or a smart TV. I haven’t cut my hair for 20 months. I don’t get beauty treatments or take vacations.

“But are retirees supposed to live differently than everyone else? Are we completely left to step aside and sit at home, carless, lifeless?

“You must be able to afford classes to stay fit, but they are expensive. If retirees could take exercise classes, it would save many lives and keep people out of the hospital.

“It gives them a better lifestyle but is very expensive. Classes are over €15. I learn piano every two weeks and it’s 15€. It’s a pleasure but I should be able to do more.

“I worked in offices and computers while I was working. I am using a Mac at home. And I help my neighbor with online information.

“We’re going to get an extra €28 for the fuel allowance in October but it’s really depressing because the bills are so high. It won’t be enough.”

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