Tuesday , October 4 2022

EuroMillions’ jackpot of 220 million euros has finally been won by an Irish bookmaker who got rich overnight


EuroMillions jackpot of 220 million euros was finally won by a player from France

The winning numbers were 21, 26, 31, 34, 49 and the lucky stars were 2 and 5.

And the biggest Irish winner of the night paired with number five and weighs in at €33,932 waiting for them at Lotto HQ.

There were no winners in the Irish lottery alone.

Tomorrow’s Irish Lotto is also breaking records and its limit is €19,060,800.

Speaking ahead of the weekend, a National Lottery spokesperson said: “Could this really be a record-breaking weekend for National Lottery players? With both the highest EuroMillions jackpot ever and the biggest Lotto jackpot ever seen in Ireland, the stakes are high for players who dream big. With both jackpots now capped, we’re poised to see even bigger winners over the weekend as additional funds will now flow into the next prize tiers where there is a winner.

“Before both draws, we urge both EuroMillions and Lotto players to buy their tickets early and avoid queues if possible if they buy at retail. Lotto ticket sales are tomorrow at 19.45. Tickets can also be purchased on the National Lottery app and on www.lottery.ie receivable.”

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