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Definitely Danny John-Jules and Amy ADMIT's intense & # 39; line left her in tears


Danny John Jules and Amy Dowden admitted that they had a line that they had left in tears.

The couple from Zoe Ball and her two teams joined the show once again to share their stories about an angry argument in rehearsals, where Amy was walking in tears.

MirrorOnline revealed that 27-year-old Amy was uneasy because she played the producers at the BBC show after her 58-year-old Danny stepped outside her studio.

A source said: ey The call of Amy aroused a sense of panic, at least now said that she could not be matched.

Danny and Amy spoke two takes

Ara Two of them had various cross words and arguments throughout the series. But this was the biggest order.

Etti Danny was all over education and lost his cool. Amy took it very badly. "

But tonight, the couple talked about the queue, saying "an intense promise in rehearsals."

Gethin Jones angered them: "It was a difficult training week for Danny and Amy.

Orum There's a lot of pressure about Strictly today, and I know you want to say a few words about it. How would you like to answer? Nasıl

Amy said that Danny never once exposed himself to bullying.

Amy replied: işler This time is our turn! [Wednesday.]

"But do you know we're taking half an hour?

Im I never felt threatened or harassed by Danny. I really want to take this guy to Blackpool & a, then to the final. Bu

Gethin then asked him what he wanted to say about Danny and he mentioned the famous Blackpool tour of the competition.

Danny replied, "The only thing I can say is that I'm here for the only reason I'm here now, because of Amy and I'm not gonna bite the hand that feeds me.

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"I'm happy, and that's the best dance we've had in the last few days since I've been in this show.

"And I'm just happy, that boss, he wears his pants."

He later joked that Gethin would agree with a Welsh woman.

BBC bosses, after the bust-up to Danny, ”should pay attention to progress in their behavior,; he said, and today he has spent Amy reassuringly.

The source was added to MirrorOnline: lend They're trying to put everything behind.

Ir Danny is a perfectionist who tries to make every dance better and better. It is very common for jobs to warm up during training. "

Danny didn't look much for Samba.

A Strictly spokesman did not comment on the original story, but one source said: bir It's been a difficult week for Danny and Amy, but they're back to rehearsals and they're impatiently waiting for Saturday night's show. Bir

At the start of the show, Amy's former partner, Brian Conley, expressed her pride in Amy, and confirmed that she would receive "her best shape," avoiding the recent argument of the debate.

He said, "I cut it into pieces, but I was his first, and never forget the first. But he's leaping and entering the boundaries, and I'm proud of him."

On Saturday at 14:00, the BBC2 takes two airs on BBC2 at 18.00 on Friday.

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