Monday , May 16 2022

Craftsmen reportedly clashed with the Supreme Court


A Supreme Court conflict between two craft beer breweries was solved.

Whiplash Beer Limited has filed a lawsuit against Dublin Lager Company Limited, which is trading as Larkins Brewing Company.

The two companies are operating outside Rengo Business Park, Kilcoole Co Wicklow, which is owned by the accused.

Last month, Whiplash took a temporary measure, claiming that the defendant company hampered the entry of Alex Lawes, owner of the Whiplash, against the Dublin Lager Company.

He claimed that Mr. Lawes needed access to the building and that his absence created uncertainty about the business.

The precautionary measure on an old parity basis prevented the respondent company from intervening in Whiplash's business.

The court ruled that the defendant was prevented from obstructing anyone in Whiplash, represented by Rory Kennedy in the court, from entering public areas.

The defendant refused any wrong invitations and asked his attorney, Eugene Gleeson SC, to remove the precautionary measure.

The issue was postponed following a recommendation by the Minister of Justice David Barniville and the parties agreed that he should go to mediation.

When the case returned before the Court, Justice Minister Leonie Reynolds told Rory Whiplash that Rory had reached a compromise and was sued. The details of the placement are not disclosed

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