Saturday , May 21 2022

A holiday flight depending on the Caribbean, the patient travels to Shannon


By Patrick Flynn

A holiday flight to the Caribbean, a passenger was guided to Shannon Airport this morning after falling ill with a patient over 700 kilometers from France.

Azur Air ZF-777 departed from Moscow's Domodedovo Airport for Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic and took about three hours until then.

Before the Boeing 777-300 jets, turning right and heading towards Shannon, the crew landed at 32,000 feet from 10,000 feet in the morning at 4.40 am (Ireland time) Rennes & # 39 was flying through France on the northeast.

In order for the crew to prepare the time necessary for unplanned landing and aviation fuel, it is clear that they preferred to turn to Shannon rather than the closer French or UK airports.

As the flight approached Waterford Beach, the crew was fueled to make sure it touched within the safe landing weight limits.

The team reported that they would need an ambulance to inform the air traffic controllers that they had a passenger ship with high blood pressure.

The airport fire crews were also waiting for the flight when they safely landed in 6.17.

One passenger was then taken to hospital for treatment.

On Monday, a US-based jet made an unplanned landing on Shannon after experiencing problems with the water system.

The Delta Air Lines flight, DL-35, was traveling to Paris from the US at that time. The flight was directed to Shannon, where the aircraft served before heading off to the US.

Shannon Airport continues to address the most unplanned landing and emergency deviations of any Irish airport. Shannon, which is the longest runway in Ireland, is at 3.2 km.

In 2017, 113 unplanned descent was the 24th medical emergency.

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