Tuesday , May 17 2022

A five-year-old father's ster happy Christmas gift for his children ”to fight in a concentration-camp has crushed his £ 2,000 target


A five-person father struggling financially received more than £ 2,000 with a donor to pay for his family to pay for his Christmas.

Despite working at a warehouse for up to 60 hours per week, 32-year-old Ben Buckley said it could only cover the fundamentals and ini has no idea how to give our children a Christmas gift Bir.

At the moment he has prepared a donor agency called "Help a family in need of Christmas".

When the donations started to come, he said: "If I have other options, I am ashamed and ashamed.

"We owe a very big thank you to all those who have helped so far, and I really appreciate this and thank you for warming up your heart."

She wrote that she had filed an appeal against GoFundMe under the picture of her children.

Um I feel bad that I have to ask for this help, “he said. . I started doing this, I don't know what else to do or where else to return, I'm doing a low-paying job in a warehouse, we normally do a job of 45-60 hours per week. by."

He then explained how his wife had problems with her pregnancy, which led to her quitting time.

Following this, there were problems with his salary, which left the family "in a very panic about Christmas": worry and concern.

Bilir I beg and beg for some help, so I can give my kids a happy Christmas. “

The page received a mixed response since it entered the Internet.

Some have shared support messages with support, while others have commented on the amount of money requested.

One wrote: durum He is a hard-working family man because he has forgiven about his situation, honest. I hope the family has a super family. "

Others expressed her and her family the best she could during the festival season.

However, some were less sympathetic and questioned the action as well as the number requested.

One said, har I'm sorry, but £ 2,000 is a bit much – what are you wasting all of this? You can do a much smaller Christmas day than that, and not about what you're giving, what you're doing. I never spend this Christmas, and I certainly don't expect anyone to finance it for me. "

Regarding the previous target, he said: "I don't expect to raise 2000 pounds for a second, I put a number in the box, I'm sorry, and I'm sorry."

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