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Wow! 8.3 Million Registered People Play Games Fortnite


It doesn't seem that this year's Fortnite game is not being presented as an extraordinary game. Because until this news came out, there were at least 8.3 million people playing. game It's also Fortnite.

reported GameSpotOn 11/09/2018 Friday, this figure appeared by the spokesman for Epic Game Korea website United States (USA) Epic re-confirmed with Game to VG247.

This means that game Players can beat the popularity of competitors with the same genre as the battle made by Epic Game, a battle type between Battle Royale, let's the Unknown Battle Field (PUBG), Free Fire, Survival Rules and others.

Even the game released in South Korea exceeded platform The steam game saved according to SteamSpy reaches only 5 million users or players at the same time. game them. The total number of users registered as Steam customers reached 16 million.

This figure increased almost threefold by 3.4 million players at the same time in February. Then the Epic Game server has been forced to work hard to ensure that millions are working properly. Gamer those playing at the same time.

His closest rival, PUBG, was recorded only as "only" with 797,000 players playing the game at the same time on the 8th of November. This number dropped simultaneously from 3 million players, which is the maximum number of achievements game so

Fortnite, meanwhile, will offer new weapons that will release NFL sports jerseys that can be purchased today in the US and contribute to the excitement of the game. Unfortunately, the US gaming company does not explain when this new weapon will be offered, although there is a possibility this week. Let's wait! [WS/IF]

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