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Wiranto's description relates to viral family photos.


Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Coordination Wiranto responded to the viral photos of his family with the emergence of his family, particularly those of his grandson, Ahmed Daniyal Al Fatih.

Here is the full description of Wiranto.

A few years ago, when my son Zainal Nurizky (late) died while studying the Qur'an in South Africa, he acknowledged that the children of Wiranto accepted radical Islam, such as harsh Islam, cadres of terrorism, and so on. There were some people who said they came in.

With his own consciousness, though, he wanted his permission to leave the prestigious Gadjah Mada University because of his anxiety and awareness of seeing the behavior of some of the younger generations who no longer had a prestigious personality.

As the next generation, the Qur'an explored the foundation of morality and morality as the basis of future service. Through the Internet, he chose a learning-based political-free al-Qur'an, Ponpes International in the Black Asia region of South Africa, to strengthen the understanding of the Qur'an that supports brotherhood and peace, not just a school of terrorism.

It is sad that he has died there for only a year since a year that has to be learned since 7 years, because of illness when he reads the scriptures. So when there are people who slander and slander, I just laughed because I really don't need to serve.

Now my granddaughter, Ahmed Daniyal Al Fatih, lives, my mother, father and brothers are covered, turbaned, many people wear amazed Muslim clothing, social media is busy talking about them.

Some are happy and some are biased and are being raped in their ways. I am even trying to contact my position as Minister of Politics and Security Coordination.

My children and grandchildren to come face to face with a loving god of peace, my family and the principles of life I gave them pain did not explain.

At the moment, half a century (50 years) in 2018, I dedicated myself to the Main World as an active army over the course of 32 years and for the remaining 18 years as politics and government. I have done a lot to protect the integrity, sovereignty and dignity of this country.

It does not count on achievements, compliments, slanders and insults, but I do not shake my love for this country and I am convinced of the ideology of the state of Pancasila, Saptamarga, which penetrates jiwaraga.

With this capital I have taught them to feel where they are, where they live, where they live, to grow up, to be educated, to earn their lives, and even to be where they are, what they love, that they defend this country.

Din Do not confuse religion with state ideology, sell it for religious political purposes, and sell it to religion to win religion. Religion and others, the nation and the country doing good in the following religions ".

"As long as you feel comfortable, you can wear any clothes, but it is important not to show only your Islam, because the depth of your religion cannot be measured by your clothes or looks, but your morals and behaviors are more important".

I give my family the freedom to be something, and I do everything unless they leave the signs of my life. I am always offering them to try to give favors to this country and not to disturb the country.

I was lucky to have trusted as ABRI / TNI Commander, but none of my children or my father-in-law had followed my military footsteps or became a partner to get Alutsista.

I founded the Hanura party, but none of my family members were party managers. I took it seriously not to take advantage of my personal earnings position.

Until now, we and our family are grateful to continue this commitment.

I would like to thank everyone who gave his gratitude to his granddaughter Ahmed Daniyal Al Fatih. Hopefully, all this will be the judgment that illuminates the way he faces the God of Mercy, Amen.

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